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A Car Accident Essay

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A Car Accident Essay

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Nov 06, 2017 A Car Accident Essay, write my paper -
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books and resume Get via App Store Read this post in our app! Is it a good idea if I put the books I read on my resume, or at least those related to software development? locked by ChrisF #9830; Aug 1 '13 at A Car Accident Essay 8:10. This question exists because it has historical significance, but it is trial movie not considered a good, on-topic question for Essay this site , so please do not use it as evidence that you can ask similar questions here. This question and its answers are frozen and cannot be changed. More info: help center. I've read a lot of Muhammad Nation resumes, some good, some bad, and A Car Accident, they've never had a list like this. Honestly, it would indicate to me a candidate who has extremely little hands-on experience and Things That Influence My Personal, is desperate to A Car Essay, pad a thin resume.

And a candidate who hasn't bothered to monkey trial, research common resume formats. Such a resume would most likely be circular-filed. By me, anyway. Save it for the interview. When you get to interview, it's highly likely you'll discuss certain topics like algorithm choice, refactoring, effective teamwork, etc. This'd be the time to discuss your experiences and optionally give references to widely-recognised books on those topics. As an A Car Essay, employer, I wouldn't be able to tell from scopes monkey listing the books on your CV whether you'd read them or just pasted them into your CV after copying from a 'recommended reading list' on Programmers/StackOverflow. Essay? Don't. A book is the scopes trial source of knowledge, but it's the demonstration of that knowledge that really matters.

Linked-In has an area for Accident you to when, put books you read. You can just link your Linked-In profile from your resume. Then if they are interested in the books you read, they have the option to look. I see it as very tacky and opening yourself to a lot of problems you can avoid. A Car? For example, say you list Programming Pearls as a read book.

What if the you love interviewer happens to remember something very specific in that book because he has also read it. A Car Accident Essay? He asks you a question about it, and then you can't remember that specific bit. But hey, you read the book. It says so right here. You're immediately labeled as a liar in his head.

Just don't do it. I got a computer engineering degree without ever reading a single programming book. Scopes Monkey Movie? Did I learn a decent amount in college? Sure. Did I learn as much as I could have? No, not even close. Having read books on A Car the subject is an added bonus. Of Learning For Nursing Students? something that shows you are interested in learning from the experts. You don't just copy paste code or write code that seems good enough. You went out there and read about A Car Accident, why certain solutions are better than others, etc. Should you put C++ for Dummies on your resume?

Of course not. If those are the books that you've read, then the answer is definitely not. Global Warming Natural Causes? However, if you've read some of the more respected books, then I would say yes. Bill Gates on A Car Accident Donald Knuth's The Art of Computer Programming : If you think you're a really good programmer . Emerson Nature? . . read (Knuth's) Art of Essay Computer Programming . . . You should definitely send me a resume if you can read the global natural whole thing. My guess is that it just depends -- though when ranking knowledge over experience, experience always wins. I'd suggest focusing on mapping and expanding the A Car Accident real world experience you have, instead of the books you're read.

If you do end up listing them, I'd suggest having a personal website -- with reviews of the books posted, and how you've applied the knowledge provided by the book in the real world. Essay James On The Nation Of Islam? No. Having read a book doesn't mean you've comprehended it or retained any of Accident Essay it. It doesn't demonstrate knowledge or aptitude, which is what employers are trying to determine. If you demonstrate your value in an interview, then want to mention that you acquired said value by reading books, that's perhaps useful information. What if the three books Joe Resume Reviewer think every developer should have read aren't on it? You're just opening a can of worms you don't need to.

I have never seen it either, but it may not be a bad idea.. Global Warming? you could list it under education, self taught section. Beta test it, let us know how it works. I really can't see it doing much harm. Accident? Considering most programmers out there haven't read any programming books it might not be such a bad idea. Global Warming Natural Causes? Maybe a favorite programming book section, would certainly make for a good conversation in an interview. Consider it from the reader's point of Essay view. Nobody reading a resume is going to say Oh, wow, this guy read Code Complete and when the person you love hurts you, The Pragmatic Programmer ! We'd better bring him in for Essay an interview. A list of books read in your CV sounds like a bad idea. Big deal, you read the book - did you understand it?

Can you apply it? But what I think would be a good thing is to mention how you read something in a particular book, and did something interesting with it: maybe you applied Chris Okasaki's Purely Functional Data Structures to Java, or something. This could work if you have inside information about the person or company with whom you are interviewing. If you read on LinkedIn that the global warming causes hiring manager is Essay a big fan of scopes monkey trial a certain book, then putting that on A Car Accident your resume would be a way to get noticed by them. I agree that most company's won't look at this as helpful, but I could see how it could work in isolated cases. You Love Hurts? I never saw a book (list) on a CV, either, but I think it's a good idea.

People I interview regularly list languages even though they only learned them for fun, so why wouldn't you list books, if you read them throughly, did all the Essay exercises, etc. Judging by the other answers here, it would probably depend on the person who reads the trial CV, though. Another option would be to mention books in the cover letter. A Car Accident Essay? For example, if you apply for Things My Personal Worldview a job at a company that creates speech recognition software, you could write that you've read [insert standard literature about speech recognition here] and that you found it very interesting and would be excited to work in this field professionally. Of course, that only works for books that have some connection to the job you're applying for. Not on a resume. I could picture there being a case of Essay it making sense in a cover letter or interview to make a point from a book if it seems applicable. For example, if a company mentions refactoring in a job description and you know a good quote from the book Refactoring by Martin Fowler, it may be useful to global warming natural causes, demonstrate this. Resumes generally are more for A Car Accident Essay showing what experience you have rather than just having some knowledge on Things My Personal a subject. Like most of the A Car Accident Essay other respondents, I think it's a bad idea. What I would do is monkey movie start a blog and review the books.

Or write reviews on Amazon and Essay, come up with a clever way to link them on scopes monkey movie your blog. Mention the things you learned from the books and try to tie it back to A Car, your experience or side projects. To me this would show that you're interested enough to be an active programmer, but not desperate. It will look strange on a resume. I don't think anybody does that.

However, books are a great thing to talk about during an interview. When You Love You? In fact, I was once asked by an interviewer what my favorite book on C++ was. Accident Essay? If you really need some resume filler, how about global, taking some of the Accident knowledge that you learned from all those books and making a cool application. You Love You? You can probably squeeze in personal projects somewhere on the resume. I think it depends how you present that books on your resume.

If it just a list, than it can smell like you have nothing to add or don't know what to add to your cv. But if you add it more like IT courses or certificates, it can be interesting. If you have to put it some where . Accident? Do it on your profile in a professional networking site. They have widgets for books you swear by, currently reading or your bible's. Don't do it. It won't make your CV look more impressive. You can mention the books that you have studied (in contrast to read) during your interview. But be prepared to answer which parts did you like and which you didn't.

An answer like it's the best X programming book is not sufficient and will make things worst.

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Nov 06, 2017 A Car Accident Essay, custom academic paper writing services -
Good Essay Writing: A Road Accident - Sample Essays: Continuous

If we wish to stop the atrocities, we need merely to step away from the isolation. A Car Essay. There is a whole world waiting for us, ready to welcome us home. Baldwin Muhammad On The. Derrick Jensen. Join the A Car Accident email list to global warming natural receive information on upcoming shows, events, and releases. Browse audio #038; video of Derrick’s appearances. Accident. Latest additions: Extinction Radio, Universal Soul Love, Last Born In The Wilderness, and weekly video appearances on Deep Green. Subscribe to the Reading Club and read exclusive works in My Personal Worldview, progress by Derrick Jensen. A French translation of Earth at Risk is now available.

Introduction to A Car Essay Pacifism as Pathology. Preface to the 2007 Edition of Ward Churchill’s Pacifism as Pathology. This extraordinarily important book cuts to the heart of one of the when you love you central reasons movements to bring about social and environmental justice always fail. The fundamental question here is: is Accident, violence ever an acceptable tool to help bring about social change? This is probably the when hurts most important question of our time, yet so often discussions around it fall into cliches and magical thinking: that somehow if we are merely good and nice enough people the State will stop using its violence to exploit us all. Would that this were true. But of course it is not. This is a necessary book, a book that grows more necessary with each day that passes. Our backs really are against A Car Essay, the wall. The dominant culture is global warming natural, killing the planet. Ninety percent of the large fish in A Car, the oceans are gone.

Amazonian rainforests could enter permanent decline within the year. Every stream in the United States has been contaminated with carcinogens. This should not surprise us, since the Essay Baldwin and Elijah Muhammad on The Nation breast milk of every mother on the planet human and nonhumanhas been contaminated with carcinogens. Global warming is accelerating, with a very real possibility that it may render this planet essentially uninhabitable, and the response by A Car Accident, those in power is to tell us that this way of lifethis way of life that is killing the planet, that commits genocide against every indigenous culture it encounters, that degrades and impoverishes the vast majority of humans, indeed, that is based upon and requires each of these thingsis not negotiable. At the same time, the efforts of those of Influence My Personal Worldview, us fighting against the System are insufficient. Obviously, or we would not be losing. Rates of deforestation would not continue to accelerate, oceans would not continue to be murdered, indigenous peoples would not continue to be slaughtered or driven off their land. What are we going to Essay do?

With all the world at stake, it is long past time we put all of our options on the table. This is when you love, a necessary book, a book that grows more necessary with each day that passes. In this book, Churchill makes clear that many of the A Car claims of monkey trial movie, pacifism are often at odds with reality. Essay. For example, Gandhi is often used to illustrate a pacifist achieving his goal. But Gandhi’s success (such as it was: one can make the argument that the Indian people didn’t really win that revolution, but rather at this remove Coca-Cola and Microsoft have won, at least for now) came at the end of a hundred year struggleoften violentfor independence by the Indians. That Worldview. Further, many Indians consider Gandhi to have co-opted Indian rage against the British into something altogether much more manageable, something even the Accident Essay British did not so much fear. Likewise, we can ask how much Martin Luther King Jr. could have accomplished were it not for African-Americans taking to emerson the streets, sometimes with guns. This question is Essay, not often enough asked. Churchill points out some of the when the person you love reasons for this failure of discourse. Churchill doesn’t, of course, argue for blind, unthinking violence. He merely argues against blind, unthinking nonviolence.

And who, apart from dogmatic pacifists and those in power, could have a problem with that? Those in power are insatiable. They will do anythinglie, cheat, steal, killto increase their power. The System rewards this accumulation of power. It requires it. The System itself is insatiable. Accident Essay. It requires growth. It requires the Things Influence ever-increasing exploitation of resources, including human resources.

It will not stop because we ask nicely; else it would have stopped long ago when Indians and others of the indigenous asked nicely for members of this culture to stop stealing their land. It will not stop because it is the right thing to A Car Accident Essay do, else it would never have started. It will not stop so long as there is anything left for it to exploit. It cannot. Welcome to the end of the world. This book, more than any other, demystifies and deconstructs dogmatic pacifism: shows it for what it really is.

That’s a crucial task, especially given the Muhammad Nation stranglehold dogmatic pacifism has on much of the so-called résistance especially in the United States, but more broadly the industrialized nations. A Car. As Churchill States early in this essay: “Pacifism, the ideology of nonviolent political action, has become axiomatic and ail but universal among the more progressive elements of contemporary mainstream North America. This stranglehold is especially unfortunate, given, as Churchill next States, “Always, it promises that the harsh realities of State power can be transcended via good feelings and purity of purpose rather than by self-defense and resorting to combat. Students. Pacifists, with seemingly endless repetition, pronounce that the negativity of the A Car modem corporate-fascist State will atrophy through defection and neglect once there is a sufficiently positive social vision to take its place… Known in the Middle Ages as alchemy, such insistence on the repetition of insubstantial themes and failed experiments to when you love hurts you obtain a desired result has long been consigned to the realm of fantasy, discarded by all but the most wishful or cynical (who use it to manipulate people).” Of course, those who say that this way of life is Accident, not negotiable or those who say nothing, but who act as though this way of life is not negotiable have it all wrong. They have confused dependent and independent variables: this way of life any way of life is and must be based upon a healthy landbase. Without a healthy landbase you have nothing.

Those in power can dream ail they want about some grim technotopic capitalist dystopia and we likewise can fantasize ail we want about when the person you love some groovy ecosocialist utopia filled with free love and great musicbut it doesn’t matter if you can’t breathe the air and Accident, can’t drink the waldo water. Everything arises from your landbase: everything else is the dependent variable to the landbase’s independent variable. A Car Accident. No landbase, no way of life. In fact, no landbase means no life. It really is that simple. Unfortunately, simpleness or complexity are not the scopes monkey trial movie point, and never have been. The problems we face are not and have never been cognitively challenging: rational problems for us to A Car Accident Essay puzzle our way through. The Person You Love You. Indeed the Essay problems we face are not rational at all, and to Things That Worldview believe they are is Accident, part of the Essay Baldwin and Elijah Muhammad on The of Islam problem, because to believe they are is to A Car Accident Essay believe they are amenable to rational solution: if we just think about it hard enough, and if we just make the case dearly and persuasively enough, we can convince (read: beg) those in power to global warming natural stop the exploitative and Accident, destructive behavior that characterizes this culture, and for which they are extremely well-rewarded.

Well, try this on: would it have worked to set up meeting after meeting with Hitler in which you present to him all sorts of rational reasons why he shouldn’t order the Essay James and Elijah on The Nation of Islam extermination of the A Car Essay Jews or the invasion of the Soviet Union? People tried. It didn’t work. Sure, members of the German résistance held lots of meetings attempting to convince others to join them. But their purpose was not to recruit more people to try to scopes monkey talk Hitler into changing his behavior. Their purpose was to recruit these others to help remove Hitler and the Nazis from power. Or try this on: contemporary report after contemporary report in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries shows steady streams of white settlers deserting to join the Indians.

As J. Hector St. John de Crevecoeur commented in his Letters from an American Farmer, There must be in the Indians’ social bond something singularly captivating, and far superior to Accident be boasted of among us; for thousands of Europeans are Indians, and we have no examples of even one of those Aborigines having from choice become Europeans! There must be something very bewitching in their manners, something very indelible and marked by for nursing students, the very hands of Nature. For, take a young Indian lad, give him the A Car Accident Essay best education you possibly can, load him with your bounty, with presents, nay with riches, yet he would secretly long for his native woods, which you would imagine he must have long since forgot; and on the first opportunity he can possibly find, you will see him voluntarily leave behind ail you have given him and return with inexpressible joy to lie on the mats of his fathers. Here’s how Benjamin Franklin put it: “No European who has tasted Savage life can afterwards bear to live in our societies.” When an Indian Child has been brought up among us, taught our language and habituated to our Customs, yet if he goes to see his relations and make one Indian Ramble with them, there is no persuading him ever to return, and that this not natural [to them] merely as Indians, but as men, is of learning, plain from Essay, this, that when white persons of either sex have been taken prisoners young by the Indians, and lived a while among them, tho’ ransomed by their Friends, and treated with ah imaginable tenderness to prevail with them to ralph waldo nature sparknotes stay among the A Car English, yet in examples of learning goals, a Short time they become disgusted with our manner of life, and the care and pains that are necessary to support it, and take the first good Opportunity of escaping again into the Woods, from Essay, whence there is no reclaiming them. These descriptions are common. Cadwallader Colden wrote in 1747 of whites captured by Indians,

No Arguments, no Intreaties, nor Tears of their Friends and examples for nursing students, Relations, could persuade many of them to leave their new Indian Friends and Acquaintance[s]; several of A Car Essay, them that were by the Caressings of their Relations persuaded to come Home, in a little time grew tired of our Manner of when you love hurts you, living, and run away again to the Indians, and ended their Days with them. On the other Hand, Indian Children have been carefully educated among the English, cloathed and taught, yet, I think, there is not one Instance that any of these, after they had Liberty to Accident Essay go among their own People, and were come to trial Age, would remain with the A Car Accident Essay English, but returned to their own Nations, and became as fond of the monkey Indian Manner of Life as those that knew nothing of A Car Accident Essay, a civilized Manner of living. At prisoner exchanges, Indians would run joyously back to their families, while white captives had to be bound hand and foot to James and Elijah Muhammad on The Nation not run back to their captors. Faced with these desertions, faced with these other cultures holding something “far superior to be boasted of among us, one reasonable action would have been to Accident Essay simply accept the desertions. Another would have been to when the person you love make one’s own way of life more like these others, to make one’s own culture so attractive the A Car Essay desertions would stop. Of course those are not the global warming natural causes choices followed. The choice has been and continues to be to A Car eliminate the ralph emerson nature options, to exterminate these indigenous others and to A Car steal their land.

More of the nonrationality that characterizes this culture: right now the various world governments spend more money to hurts you subsidize the world’s commercial fishing fleets than the total value of the Essay catch. Examples Goals For Nursing Students. Taxpayers the world over pay to Accident vacuum the when the person you love oceans. And more: right now the A Car U.S. Of Learning For Nursing Students. spends well over a billion dollars a day on the military: that is, to kill people. A billion dollars could pay for five million Third-World children to attend school for A Car, a year. The Person You. For what the A Car Essay US spends to kill people in five days, potable water could be provided to Things That Influence Essay every human on the world who lacks it. Excluding land acquisition, the US government spends less on A Car Essay, recovery efforts for all endangered species than it spends on the military in twelve hours. More unreasonableness. Study after study reveals that within this culture one out of every four women is raped within her lifetime and another nineteen percent fend off rape attempts. The women I know say these figures are much higher, approaching unity. What does this say about the rationality or reasonableness of this culture?

Rape is not reasonable or rational, no matter what stories rapists may tell themselves to justify it. Similarly, killing the planet is not reasonable or rational, no matter what stories people may tell themselves to justify it. Changing the climate is trial movie, not reasonable or rational. Destroying ways of A Car, life that have been in global warming natural, place for Essay, thousands or tens of thousands of years is not reasonable or rational. Or perhaps, from a certain perspective, these are ail rational. The psychiatrist R.D.

Laing made the of learning point that if you can understand people’s experience you can understand their behavior: people act according to their experience of the world. So far, so good. A Car Accident Essay. But what does it say about those in power that their experience of the world could lead them to ceaselessly seek for new others to exploit? To answer that, let’s talk about psychopathology. A psychopath can be defined as one who willfully does damage without remorse: “Such individuals are impulsive, insensitive to other’s needs, and scopes trial, unable to anticipate the consequences of their behavior, to A Car follow long-term goals, or to tolerate frustration.

The psychopathic individual is characterized by scopes monkey trial, absence of the guilt feelings and anxiety that normally accompany an antisocial act.” Dr. Robert Hare, who has long studied psychopaths, makes clear that “among the most devastating features of psychopathy are a callous disregard for the rights of others and a propensity for A Car Essay, predatory and violent behaviors. Without remorse, psychopaths charm and exploit others for their own gain. They lack empathy and a sense of responsibility, and they manipulate, lie and con others with no regard for anyone’s feelings.” One cannot solve abusive or psychopathological behavior though rational means, no matter how much it may be in abusers’ or psychopaths’ interest for us to believe so. (As author Lundy Bancroft has noted, In one important way, an abusive man works like a magician.

His tricks largely rely on getting you to Things Influence My Personal Worldview Essay look off in the wrong direction, distracting your attention so that you won’t notice where the real action is… He leads you into a convoluted maze, making your relationship with him a labyrinth of twists and turns. He wants you to puzzle over him, to try to figure him out, as though he were a wonderful but broken machine for which you need only to Accident find and fix the malfunctioning parts to bring it roaring to its full potential. His desire, though he may not admit it even to himself, is that you wrack your brain in this way so that you won’t notice the patterns and James Baldwin on The Nation of Islam, logic of A Car Essay, his behavior, the consciousness behind the of learning goals craziness.” And does this Sound familiar, too?) Grotesquely exploitative behavior is A Car Essay, not something to be figured out. It is something to be stopped.

Which brings us back to this book. I’ve often heard Ward describe the dominant culture as being like the fictional character Hannibal Lector from The Silence of the Lambs; refined, urbane, sophisticated, and a cannibalistic psychopath, You’re locked in a room with this psychopath,” I ’ve heard Churchill say, “And you will be on the menu. The question is: what are you going to do about it?” What are you going to do about it? I have, in my life, been in a few relationships I would classify as emotionally abusive. It took me years to learn this very important lesson: you cannot argue with an abuser. You will always lose. In fact you’ve lost as soon as you begin (or more precisely as soon as you respond to monkey trial movie their provocations).

Why? Because they cheat. They lie. They control the framing conditions for A Car, any “debate”, and if you deviate from their script, they hurt you until you step back in line. (And of course we see this same thing on the larger scale.) If this happens often enough they no longer have to That My Personal hurt you, since you no longer step out of line. And if this really happens long enough, you may come up with a philosophy or a religion that makes a virtue of you not stepping out of line. (And of course we see this same thing on the larger scale, too). Another reason that you always lose when you argue with an abuser is that they excel at creating double binds. A double bind is a situation where if you choose option one you lose, if you choose option two you lose, and you can’t withdraw. The only Accident Essay, way out of a double blind is to smash it. It’s the only way. Essay James And Elijah Muhammad On The. A double bind. One of the smartest things the Nazis did was make it so that at every step of the way it was in the Jews’ rational best interest to not resist.

Many Jews had the Accident hopeand this hope was cultivated by the Nazisthat if they played along, followed the rules laid down by those in power, that their lives would get no worse, that they would not be murdered. Would you rather get an ID card, or would you rather resist and possibly get killed? Would you rather go to a ghetto (reserve, reservation, whatever) or would you rather resist and possibly get killed? Would you rather get on Essay and Elijah on The of Islam, a cattle car, or would you rather resist and possibly get killed? Would you rather get in the showers, or would you rather resist and possibly get killed? But I’ll tell you something important: the Accident Essay Jews who participated in of learning for nursing students, the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, including those who went on A Car Accident Essay, what they thought were suicide missions, had a higher rate of survival then those who went along.

Never forget that. The only way out of a double blind is to smash it. Never forget that either. I recently reconnected with an old friend. In the years since we last talked, he has, it ends up, become a pacifist. He said he thinks its possible to reach anyone if you can just make a convincing enough argument.

“Hitler?” Silence from my friend. I said, “Gandhi tried. Wrote him a letter requesting he please stop. Was evidently surprised when Hitler didn’t listen to him.” “I still think,” he said, “that in you love hurts, most cases you can come to some sort of agreement with people.” “Sure,” I responded. A Car Accident. “Most people. But what if someone wants what you’ve got, and will do anything to take it?” I was thinking of the words of the Oglala man Red Cloud, who spoke of the insatiability and abusiveness of members of the dominant culture: “They made us many promises, more then i can remember. But they only kept one. They promised to take our land and they took it.” My friend said, “But whats worth fighting for? Can’t we just leave?” I thought of many things worth fighting for: bodily integrity (my own and Things That My Personal Worldview Essay, that of Accident Essay, those i love), my landbase, the lives and dignity of those i love. Students. I thought of the Accident mother bear who charged me me not one week ago, because she thought i was threatening her baby. You Love You. I thought of the mother horses, cows, dogs, cats, hawks, eagles, chickens, geese, mice who have in my life attacked me because they thought I’d harm their little ones.

I thought: If a mother mouse is willing to take on someone eight thousand times her size, what the hell is wrong with us? I said “what if they want everything on the planet? The planet is finite, you know. Ultimately you can’t just run away.” My friend wasn’t such a good pacifist after all, for he said, “I guess at some point you got to fight back.” In a recent interview, Ward Churchill was asked, “What do you think those in oppositional circles need to do to really affect change?” I have a friend, a former prisoner, who is Accident Essay, very smart, and who says that dogmatic pacifists are the James Baldwin and Elijah of Islam most selfish people he knows, because they place their moral purity or to be more precise, their self-conception of moral purity above stopping injustice. That’s a problem. The question becomes; what do you want? I know what I want. Essay. I want to live in James Baldwin and Elijah Muhammad Nation of Islam, a world with more wild salmon every year than the A Car Accident year before, a world with more migratory songbirds every year than the year before, a world with more ancient forests every year than the Influence Worldview year before, a world with les s dioxin in each mother’s breast milk every year than the A Car Accident Essay year before, a world with wild tigers and Essay Baldwin on The Nation, grizzly bears and great apes and marlins and Essay, swordfish.

I want to scopes trial live on a livable planet. And I will do whatever it takes to get there. I have heard Ward answer this question, too. What he wants is for the dominant culture to A Car Accident stop killing Indian children. And he has said he will do whatever it takes to get there. It’s all the same struggle. Neither Ward nor I are arguing against people being peaceful. Nor is either one of use arguing against those who choose to personally pursue social change through peaceful means. We need it all. We need people filing lawsuits, and we need people working at examples of learning goals students, battered women’s shelters.

We need people working on permaculture. We need educators. We need writers. We need healers. But we also need warriors, those who are willing and ready to fight back. Essay. That’s the good thing about nature everything being so fucked up: no matter where you look there is Essay, great work to examples goals be done. A Car Accident Essay. There is a difference, however, between being personally peaceful and being a pacifist. The Person You Love Hurts. The sort of pathological pacifism Ward’s writing about, that “ideology of nonviolent political action” which “has become axiomatic and all but universal among the more progressive elements of contemporary mainstream North America,” is not merely a personal choice or proclivity, but rather an obsession, a monomania, a brittle religion or cult that like other brittle obsessions can brook no heresy. Not only are pacifists of this sort unwilling to A Car fight back which of course is when the person, there prerogative- and not only are they unwilling to consider fighting back- which is still there prerogative- but far more harmfully they cannot allow anyone else to consider fighting back either. All-too-often they do everything in there power to silence anyone who commits blasphemy by fighting back or even speaking of it. Their first line of A Car, defense is Essay Baldwin and Elijah Muhammad on The of Islam, often to Essay simply shout down the offender.

This has happened to me many times, and if you’ve spoken of fighting back I’m sure its happened to you, too. The shouts or chants, really come from the pacifist canon. Like any other fundamentalist religion, dogmatic pacifism has its articles of faith. And like many articles of faith, these don’t really hold up to scrutiny. But once again like any other fundamentalist religion, whether or not the articles of faith correspond to physical really matters not the slightest to the religions true believers, nor to their enthusiasm, nor to their aggressiveness. Rebut an article of trial, faith- rhetorically smash it to bits- and they’ll simply say it again and again as though you never said a word. Articles of faith.

They tell us that by wanting to fight back, we are being dualistic, separating the world into us and them. “If someone wins,” they say, “then someone has to lose. A Car Accident. If we’re all creative enough we can find ways so all of us win. Tell that to the marlins, the tiger salamanders, the when the person you love hurts you orangutans. Accident Essay. Ifs easy to speak of everyone winning when you make yourself blind to the suffering of natural, those you exploit and those you allow to be exploited. Accident. There are already winners and there are already losers, and expediently ignored in all this talk of everyone winning is when you love, that the world is already losing.

Further ignored is that when the world loses, we all lose. And also expediently ignored is A Car Essay, that you cannot make peace with a culture that is trying to devour you. War has long-since been declared and is being waged against the world, and a refusal to acknowledge this war does not mean it’s not happening. They tell us that love conquers all, and that to even speak of fighting back is to not sufficiently love. If we just love our enemies enough, we can sway them by the power of that love. They tell us that love implies pacifism.

But love does not imply pacifism, and I think mother grizzly bears will back me up on of learning goals, this one, as will all the other mothers I mentioned earlier. They tell us you can’t use the master’s tools to dismantle the master’s house. I can’t tell you how many people have said this to me. I can, however, tell you with reasonable certainly that none of A Car, these people have ever read the essay from which the line comes: “The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle The Master’s House,” By Audrey Lorde (certainly no pacifist herself). The essay has noting to do with pacifism, but with the exclusion of marginalized voices from discourse ostensibly having to do with social change. Scopes Monkey Movie. If any of these pacifists had read her essay, they would have undoubtedly been horrified, because she is, reasonably enough, suggesting a multivaried approach to Essay the multivarious problems we face. It has always seemed clear to me that violent and nonviolent approaches to social change are complementary. No one i know who advocates the possibility of armed resistance to the dominant cultures degradation and exploitation rejects nonviolent resistance. Many of us routinely participate in the nonviolent resistance and support those for whom this is their only mode of opposition. Who is global causes, it that says we should not use the master’s tools? Often it is Christians, Buddhists, or other adherents of civilized religions.

It is routinely people who wish us to vote our way to A Car justice or shop our way to when you sustainability. But civilized religions are tools used by the master as surely as is violence. So is voting. So is shopping. If we cannot use the tools used by the master, what tools, precisely, can we use?

How about writing? No, sorry. Writing has long been a tool used by the master. A Car Accident Essay. So I guess we can’t use that. Well, how about discourse in general? Yes, those in power own the means of causes, industrial discourse production, and those in power misuse discourse. A Car Accident. Does that mean they own all discourse and we can never us it?

Of Course not. Things My Personal Essay. they also own the means of industrial religion production, and Accident Essay, they misuse religions. Global Natural. Does that mean they own all religion and we can never use it? Of course not. They own the means of industrial violent production, and they misuse violence. Does that mean they own all violence and we can never use it? Of course not. Accident Essay. But i have yet another problem with the statement that the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house, which is that it’s a terrible metaphor. It just doesn’t work. The Person You Love Hurts. The first and most necessary condition for a metaphor is Essay, that it makes sense in and Elijah of Islam, the real world. This doesn’t. A Car Accident Essay. You can use a hammer to build a house, and you can use a hammer to take it down.

It doesn’t matter whose hammer it is. There are other problems with the pacifist use of James and Elijah Muhammad on The Nation, this phrase. One is A Car Essay, with the pacifist idea that force is solely the dominion of those in power. It’s certainly true that the master uses the tool of violence, but that doesn’t mean he owns it. Those in power have effectively convinced us they own land, which is to Things Influence My Personal Essay say they’ve convinced us to give up our inalienable right to access our own landbases. They’ve effectively convinced us they own conflict house. A Car Accident Essay. There are no master’s tools. Ralph Emerson Nature Sparknotes. There is a person who believes himself a master. There is A Car Accident, a house he claims is his. There are tools he claims as well.

And there are those who still believe he is the master. But there are others who do not buy into this delusion. Monkey Trial. There are those of us who see a man, a house, and tools. A Car Accident Essay. No more and now less. Pacifists endlessly repeat that it’s much easier to make war than to make peace. The first twenty times i heard this i didn’t understand it at all: whether war or peace is harder is irrelevant. Its easier to That My Personal Worldview Essay catch a fly with your bare hand than with your mouth, but does that mean it’s somehow better or more moral to A Car Essay do the waldo nature sparknotes latter? It’s easier to take out a dam with a sledgehammer than a toothpick, but doing the latter wouldn’t make me a better person. An action’s difficulty is entirely independent of its quality or morality.

If all they’re saying, by the way, is that oftentimes creativity can make violence unnecessary, i wish they would just say that. I would have no problem with that, so long as we emphasize the word oftentimes. Another item in the canon is Gandhi’s line: “We want freedom for our country, but not at the expense or exploitation of others.” I’ve also had this line crammed down my throat more times than I want to consider Often paraphrased as “You keep saying that in Accident, this struggle for monkey trial, the planet you want to win, but if someone wins, doesn’t that mean someone has to lose, and isn’t that just perpetuating the same old dominator mindset?” And I’ve always found it both intellectually dishonest and poorly thought-out. A man tries to rape a woman. She runs away. Her freedom from A Car Accident, being raped just came at his expense: he wasn’t able to rape her. Does this mean she exploited him? Of course not.

Now let’s do this again. He tries to Things Worldview rape her. She can’t get away. A Car. She tries to stop him nonviolently. It doesn’t work. Essay On The Nation. She pulls a gun and shoots him in the head. Obviously her freedom from being raped came at Essay, the expense of examples for nursing, his life. Did she exploit him? Of course not.

It comes down to a basic truism: defensive rights always trump offensive rights. My right to freedom always trumps your right to exploit me, and if you do try to exploit me, i have the right to stop you, even at the expense of you. Anybody’s freedom from A Car Essay, being exploited will always come at the expense of the oppressor’s ability to exploit. James Baldwin And Elijah Muhammad Of Islam. The freedom of salmon (and rivers) to survive will come at A Car, the expense of those who profit from dams. Monkey Movie. The freedom of ancient redwood forests to survive will come at the expense of Charles Hurwitz’s bank account. The freedom of the world to survive global warming will come at the expense of those whose lifestyles are based on A Car Accident Essay, the burning of oil. It is magical thinking to pretend otherwise. Pacifists tell us that the ends never justify the means. This is a statement of values disguised as a statement of morals. A person who says ends don’t justify means is simply saying: I value process more than outcome. Someone who says ends do justify means is Influence, merely saying: I value outcome more than process.

Looked at this way, it becomes absurd to make absolute statements about it. There are some ends that justify some means, and A Car Accident, there are some ends that do not. Similarly, the same means may be justified by some people for some ends and you love you, not justified by or for Accident, others (I would, for example, kill someone who attempted to kill those I love, and I would not kill someone who tried to cut me off on the interstate). It is my joy, responsibility, and honor as a sentient being to make those distinctions, and I pity those who do not consider themselves worthy or capable of making them themselves, and who must rely on slogans instead to guide their actions. Pacifists tell us that violence only begets violence. This is manifestly not true. Violence can beget many things. Violence can beget submission, as when a master beats a slave (some slaves will eventually fight back, in which case this violence will beget more violence; but some slaves will submit for the rest of their lives, as we see; and some will even create a religion or spirituality that attempts to make a virtue of hurts you, their submission, as we also see; some will write and others repeat that their freedom must not come at A Car Accident Essay, the expense of trial, others; some will speak of the need to love their oppressors; and some will say that the meek shall inherit what’s left of the earth). Violence can beget material wealth, as when a robber or a capitalist (insofar as we can make a meaningful distinction) steals from someone.

Violence can beget violence, as when someone attacks someone who fights back. Violence can beget a cessation of violence, as when someone fights off or kills an A Car Accident, assailant (it’s utterly nonsensical as well as insulting to say that a woman who kills a rapist is begetting more violence). Pacifists tell us, “We must be the trial change we to see.” This ultimately meaningless statement manifests the magical thinking and narcissism we’ve come to expect from dogmatic pacifists. I can change myself all i want, and if dams still stand, salmon still die. A Car Accident. If global warming proceeds apace, birds still starve. If factory trawlers still run, oceans still suffer. If factory farms still pollute, dead zones still grow.

If vivisection labs still remain, animals are still tortured. They tell us that if you use violence against exploiters, you become like they are. This cliche is, once again, absurd, with no relation to the real world. It is based on monkey movie, the flawed notion that all violence is the same. It is obscene to suggest that a woman who kills a man attempting to rape her becomes like a rapist. It is obscene to A Car Accident Essay suggest that by fighting back Tecumseh became like those who were stealing his people’s land. It is obscene to suggest that the Jews who fought back against their exterminators at Auschwitz/Birkenau, Treblinka, and Sobibor became like the Nazis. It is obscene to suggest that a tiger who kills a human at a zoo becomes like one of warming natural, her captors. Pacifists tell us that violence never accomplishes anything.

This arguments, even more than any of the others, reveals how completely, desperately, and arrogantly out of touch many dogmatic pacifists are with physical, emotional, and spiritual reality. If violence accomplishes nothing, how do these people believe the civilized conquered the A Car Accident North and South America and Africa, and before these Europe, and before that the Middle East, and since then the rest of the world? The indigenous did not and do not hand over Baldwin on The, their land because they recognize they’re faced with a better culture run by better people. The land was (and is) seized and Essay, the people living there were (and are) slaughtered, terrorized, beaten into submission. The tens of millions of Africans killed in the slave trade would be surprised to learn their slavery was not the result of widespread violence.

The same is true for the millions of Essay James Baldwin and Elijah Nation of Islam, women burned as witches in Europe. The same is Accident Essay, true for the billions of passenger pigeons slaughtered to serve the economic system. The millions of prisoners stuck in goals, gulags here in A Car Essay, the US and of learning for nursing students, elsewhere would be astounded to Accident discover they can walk away anytime they want, that they are not in hurts, fact held there by A Car Accident Essay, force. Do the pacifists who say this really believe that people all across the world hand over their resources to the wealthy because they enjoy being impoverished, enjoy seeing their lands and natural causes, their lives stolen- sorry, i guess under this formulation they’re not stolen but received gracefully as gifts- by those they evidently must perceive as more deserving? Do they believe women submit to rape just for the hell of Accident, it, and not because of the use or threat of violence?

One reason violence is used so often by those in waldo emerson nature sparknotes, power is because it works. It works dreadfully well. And it can work for liberation as well as subjugation. To say that violence never accomplishes anything not only degrades the suffering of Accident, those harmed by violence but it also devalues the and Elijah Muhammad triumphs of those who have fought their way out of A Car Accident, abusive or exploitative situations. Abused women or children have killed their abusers, and become free of ralph emerson, his abuse. And there have been many indigenous and other armed struggles for liberation that have succeeded for A Car Accident Essay, shorter or longer periods. In order to maintain their fantasies, dogmatic pacifists must ignore the harmful and global, helpful efficacy of A Car Essay, violence. When endlessly repeating their canon (at high volume) doesn’t suffice to shut up those with the temerity to suggest fighting back, the next move by pacifists is often to claim the moral high ground, as though refusing to fight backas though continuing one’s servitudeis somehow more worthy or more to be admired and scopes movie, emulatedgosh, whom does that serve? than acting effectively through whatever means are necessary to dismantle or destroy the oppression.

When that doesn’t work, the next gambit is to ignore all other parts of your analysis and to endlessly repeat distorted versions 0f the parts they find most objectionable. A Car Essay. I wrote an Things That My Personal Essay, 891-page book called Endgame, which is an in-depth analysis of the fact that the A Car Accident dominant culture is inherently unsustainableit’s killing the planetand is emerson sparknotes, based on violence. I ask what we’re going to Essay do about it. The reviews have fallen into two stark camps: non- pacifists for the most part love the book, and pacifists, of course, hate it. Examples Goals For Nursing Students. I’ve considered putting out another version of A Car Accident Essay, Endgame called Endgame for Pacifists. It will consist of 890 blank pages, with one page in the middle containing the text: “Sometimes it’s okay to fight back.” Because those are the only words they seem to natural causes have read anyway: their true belief blinded them to everything else in the book.

When distorting the message doesn’t work, the next step is often to disparage the blasphemers, call them terrorists; people who’ve lost compassion; people acting out their anger, provocateurs; people who are no better than those they are fighting. Pacifists will often say anything to not acknowledge that some people see a necessity to fight back. When name-calling doesn’t work, pacifists move on A Car, to silence you in other ways. Given that this is an introduction to Things That a book by Essay, Ward Churchill, I don’t think I need to give details on the effects Ward’s militancy has had on his career. And not all of the opposition to his positions has come from the direct agents of scopes monkey trial, those in power. Some has come from pacifists, from those who would at least ostensibly be his allies in the struggle, but who, too, act as agents of those in power. All of this closed-mindednessthis intolerance for any tactics save their own (one pacifist in his review of Endgame wrote “Give me Gandhi or give me death!)is harmful in many ways. First, it decreases the possibility of effective synergy between various forms of resistance. Second, it creates the illusion that we really are accomplishing something while the world continues to A Car Essay be destroyed. Third, it wastes valuable time that we do not have.

Fourth, it positively helps those in power. Ward Churchill puts it well: “There is not a petition campaign that you can construct that is going to cause the power and the status quo to dissipate. There is not a legal action that you can take; you can’t go into waldo emerson nature sparknotes, the court of the conqueror and have the conqueror announce the conquest illegitimate and A Car, told to be repealed; you cannot vote in an alternative, you cannot hold a prayer vigil, you cannot burn the right scented candle at the prayer vigil, you cannot have the Muhammad on The right folk song, you cannot have the right fashion statement, you cannot adopt a different diet, build a better bike path. You have to say it squarely: the A Car Essay fact that this power, this force, this entity, this monstrosity called the state maintains itself by physical force, and can be countered only in terms that it itself dictates and therefore understands. “It will not be a painless process, but, hey, newsflash: It’s not a process that is painless now.

If you feel a relative absence of pain, that is testimony only to your position of privilege within the Statist structure. Those who are on the receiving end , whether they are in Iraq, they are in Palestine, they are in Haiti, they are in Influence Worldview Essay, American Indian reserves inside the United States, whether they are in the migrant stream or the inner city, those who are ‘othered’ and of color, in particular but poor more generally, known the difference between the painlessness of acquiescence on A Car Essay, the one hand and waldo sparknotes, the painfulness of maintaining the existing order on A Car Accident, the other. Ultimately, there is Essay Baldwin and Elijah Muhammad Nation of Islam, no alternative that has found itself in A Car Accident, reform there is only an monkey trial movie, alternative that founds itself not in that fanciful word of revolution- but in the devolution, that is to say the dismantlement of Empire from the Essay Inside out.” I’m really angry that I have spent so much time over movie, the past few years deconstructing pacifist arguments that don’t make any sense anyway. I’m angry that I’ve written so many books showing conclusions that should be pretty damn obvious. Newsflash: this culture is killing the planet. Newsflash: this culture is based on violence. Newsflash: this culture is psychopathological. Newsflash: this entire culture requires our disconnection from each other and A Car, especially from our landbases. Newsflash: this entire culture inculcates us into irresponsibility and would not survive were we to gain even a shred of responsibility. A while ago I received this email from a friend: “There are so many people who fear making decisions and of learning goals students, taking responsibility.

Kids are trained and A Car Essay, adults are encouraged not to make decisions and take responsibility. Or more accurately they are trained to engage only in false choices. Whenever I think about the culture and all the horrors it perpetrates and Things Influence Worldview, we allow, and A Car Accident, whenever i consider our typical response to trial being faced with difficult choices, it seems clear to me that everything in the culture leads us to ‘choose’ rigid, controlled, unresponsive ‘responses’ over fluidity, real choice, and personal responsibility for and to those choices. Every time. Every single time. A pacifist eliminates choice and responsibility by A Car, labeling great swaths of possibility off limits for action and warming natural, even for discussion. A Car. ‘See how pure I am for making no wrong choices?’ they can say, while in reality facing no choices at all. And of course they actually are making choices.

Choosing inactionor ineffective actionin the face of exploitation or abuse is about as impure an action as anyone can conceptualize. Natural. But these ineffective actions can provide the illusion of A Car Accident, effectiveness: no matter what else can be said about pacifism, even with the gigantic problems we face, pacifism and other responses that do not threaten the Things larger concentration camp status quo are certainly achievable. That s something, I guess. But it ail reminds me of those who go to therapists to create the illusion that they’re doing something, rather than the few who actually work to face their fears and patterns and A Car Accident Essay, take an active role in scopes, transformation. “Pacifism is a toxic mimic of love, isn’t it?

Because it actually has nothing to do with loving another. A Car Accident. Could it be said that toxic mimics are toxic in part because they ignore responsibility, they ignore relationship, they ignore presence, they substitute control for fluidity and choice? Toxic mimics are of course products and causes of insanity, Could it be said that a lack of responsibility, relationship, and when hurts, presence, and the substitution of A Car, control for fluidity and choice are causes and Things Essay, products of insanity? This is a necessary book, a book that grows more necessary with each day that passes. A Car Accident Essay. Read it.

And when you’re done, do something about it.

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american music essay By Kyle Gann for American Public Media. A Car. William Billings was the only person in 18th-century Boston to list his profession as Singing Master. Yet like so many American musicians of centuries to come, music was not his primary income source; he had a day job. He was a tanner, and Things Worldview Essay, tanned hides for a living. Accident. The description that comes down to warming causes, us of A Car Accident Essay William Billings is not prepossessing. He is examples of learning goals said to have had only one eye, one leg shorter than the other, a withered arm, an alarming snuff habit, and an uncommon negligence of dress. However, in 1770 - six years before the Accident, Declaration of Independence was signed, and the same year that Ludwig Van Beethoven was born in Germany - Billings published a book of 120 hymns and choral pieces that he had composed himself in a collection called The New England Psalm Singer. James Baldwin And Elijah On The Nation Of Islam. (American patriot Paul Revere engraved the frontispiece for the collection.) Even for a European such a collection would have been an Accident Essay, exceptional feat. For a self-taught Boston tanner, it was unimaginable. Before that collection, there had been fewer than a dozen published choral pieces written by goals, Americans. With one stroke Billings increased that number tenfold. Billings' anthems and so called fuging tunes, such as Be Glad, then, America and Lamentation over Boston, spoke of the American Revolutionary experience in Accident Essay, terms of Biblical grandeur.

The Billings hymn that would become most famous was Chester, a stirring Revolutionary War tune that would still be included in children's school books well into the 20th century: Let tyrants shake their iron rods. And slavery clank its galling chains. Essay Muhammad Nation. We fear them not, we trust in Essay, God. New England's God forever reigns. The glory of James Baldwin and Elijah Muhammad of Islam Billings' music is its irrepressible tunefulness, matched with a liveliness of rhythm unafraid to shift gears as the text requires. The fact that European standards of counterpoint were sometimes violated did not bother him. In the introduction to The New-England Psalm-Singer, Billings wrote the archetypal declaration of American music's independence from Europe: . all the hard, dry, studied rules that ever was prescribed, will not enable any person to form an air. I don't think myself confin'd to any Rules for composition, laid down by any that went before me, neither should I think (were I to pretend to lay down Rules) that any who came after me were any ways obligated to adhere to them. Essay. I think it is best for every Composer to ralph, be his own Carver. A Car Accident Essay. Billings music wasn't always appreciated by his contemporaries.

In response to a complaint that his music was too consonant, he wrote a song called Jargon completely in dissonances. Scopes Trial Movie. And rive the nerves asunder; Let hateful discord greet the A Car Accident, ear. As terrible as thunder. Scopes Monkey. In response, some local boys tied two cats together by the tails and hung them from the sign of Billings' tannery shop to Essay, let them howl. The fault lines and tensions of American music were ordained in the earliest years of our national history. On one side was nature, spontaneity, and the freedom from civilization that the American wilderness offered. On the other was Europe, and those in the growing East-coast metropolitan centers who felt that European civilization should be transplanted to these shores lock, stock, and barrel. On one hand were composers like Billings, Anthony Philip Heinrich, and Louis Moreau Gottschalk who believed that Americans could create their own national music from local materials, the inspiration of nature, and global warming causes, sheer Yankee inventiveness. On the Accident, other were critics like John Sullivan Dwight, hymn writers like Lowell Mason, and music professors like Horatio Parker who insisted that American music should be subject to the standards and global natural, rules developed by the great European masters like Haydn and Mozart. These two types have been transformed, but they have never ceased to exist, and our national music history has been a tug of A Car war between them.

Billings' choral music, along with that of Supply Belcher, Daniel Read, and you love you, other fuging tune writers from the New England tradition, dominated American choral music in the first decades of the 19th century. But in the 1830s and '40s, new winds began blowing across America. A Car Essay. In 1822 a banker in Savannah, Georgia, named Lowell Mason published his first hymn book. Mason had studied music with a German named Frederick L. Abel, and had come to believe that hymn arrangements should be done according to scientifically correct European standards. His hymn settings were partly taken from Mozart, Haydn, and other European composers.

Further hymn collections followed in 1829 and 1831, with songs like When I survey the Wondrous Cross, Joy to the World, and Nearer My God to Thee.In 1837 Mason became superintendent of music in the Boston schools. Scopes Trial Movie. Through his educational activities and widely reproduced hymn books, Mason had a tremendous impact across America, replacing the indigenous New England tradition of fuging tunes with hymns based on allegedly correct European models. Even the British Grove Dictionary of Music refers to Mason's revolution as a mixed blessing. Then, in 1840 virtuosos like violinist Ole Bull began to concertize across America. In 1843, Ureli Corelli Hill and members of the fledgeling New York Philharmonic presented the A Car Accident, first string quartet series. For Nursing. Before 1840, America had considered the fiddle the lowliest of musical instruments, meant only to accompany jigs in bars.

After 1840, violins were suddenly represented as bearers of A Car Accident Essay high culture. John Sullivan Dwight, known as the natural causes, dean of Boston music critics, championed Beethoven and described the glories of European music in terms of religious ecstasy. Dwight was a part of the Transcendentalist movement centered around Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau; Dwight had joined Bronson Alcott, Louisa May Alcott's father, in Essay, an ill-fated communal living experiment at a place called Brook Farm. The Transcendentalists threw their weight on the side of European culture. Margaret Fuller, one of the of learning goals for nursing students, movement's leading intellectuals, went so far as to write an imaginary letter to Beethoven, who at the time had been dead for 16 years: . oh blessed master!, she wrote.

Like a humble wife to Accident, the sage, or poet, it is Things My Personal Essay my triumph that I can understand and cherish thee. The infinite Shakespeare, the stern [Michel] Angelo, Dante, - bittersweet like thee, - are no longer seen in thy presence. A Car Essay. . beside these names, there are none that could vibrate in thy crystal sphere. There is students none greater than Shakespeare; he, too, is a god; but his creations are successive; thy fiat comprehends them all. Nevertheless, Charles Ives, seeing a different side of Transcendentalism, would write many years later: Thoreau was a great musician, not because he played the flute, but because he did not have to go to Boston to A Car Essay, hear 'The Symphony.' Against this roaring wind of European aesthetics, joined as it was to pious morality and upper-class pretentions, certain American composers still campaigned for an indigenous tradition, an American music that had something American about it. The most unusual of these was Anthony Philip Heinrich, who won for himself the nickname, The Beethoven of America. Things That My Personal. Though born into a merchant family in Bohemia in 1781, Heinrich emigrated to America after his family business was destroyed by the Napoleonic Wars. Once in America, he decided to make a living through music, in which he had previously been only an amateur. He pushed inland to Lexington, Kentucky, where, in 1817, he put together the Essay, first American performance of a Beethoven symphony, No. 1. Convalescing in a log cabin in the Kentucky wilderness in 1818, Heinrich had a vision that he should compose music, and so at the age of 37, he taught himself theory and James Baldwin Nation, became a composer. Today Heinrich's bizarre works, with titles like Barbecue Divertimento, Hail to Kentucky, and The Yankee Doodleiad, seem humorous, but he was tremendously successful in his lifetime, even making tours of Accident Essay Europe. His greatest work, he felt, was a grand symphony entitled The Ornithological Combat of Kings: or The Condor of the Andes and the Eagle of the Cordilleras.

With its energetic bursts of timpani in the opening measures, it was certainly unlike anything being done in Europe in the 1840s. Today, perhaps the best-known 19th-century American composer is scopes monkey trial movie Louis Moreau Gottschalk. A Car Accident. Born in New Orleans in 1829, Gottschalk was exposed early to African, Creole, and of learning, West Indian influences, and was a pioneer at incorporating them into his music. He also studied in Europe, but in France with Hector Berlioz, a figure considered scandalous by A Car, American standards. Works such as his Night in the Tropics incorporated Carribbean syncopations into concert music for the first time. Following Berlioz's example, Gottschalk presented monster concerts of of learning for nursing students ten pianos or 900 musicians, and played over A Car Accident Essay, a thousand concerts between 1862 and '65 alone. Such activities were antithetical to sober New England sensibilities, and John Sullivan Dwight criticized Gottschalk harshly. At one concert, however, Gottschalk took a delicious revenge on Dwight on behalf of American composers everywhere. He played a work of warming his own and attributed it to A Car Accident Essay, Beethoven in the program, also playing a Beethoven work identified as his own; Dwight, predictably, praised the Beethoven composition and lambasted Gottschalk's music for its amateurish inanities. Afterwards, Gottschalk wrote to Dwight to apologize for the unfortunate printing error. American music had a European character stamped on it by the American academic musical establishment, which itself was a product of the late 19th century.

Before 1870, there was no such thing as a college music course; universities were meant for That Influence My Personal, academic courses in science, history, and languages. Music was a mere extracurricular amusement. In 1873, however, John Knowles Paine convinced Harvard to appoint him America's first university music professor. In 1882 George Whitefield Chadwick joined the faculty at Boston's New England Conservatory. In 1894 Horatio Parker took a teaching position at A Car, Yale, where his most famous and most recalcitrant student would be Charles Ives. Paine, Chadwick, and James Baldwin and Elijah, Parker were all trained in Europe: Paine had studied in A Car, Berlin, Chadwick at Leipzig Conservatory, and warming causes, Parker in A Car Accident, Munich. Nature. Along with John Sullivan Dwight, Paine championed what he called the modern Romantic movement, meaning Schubert, Schumann, Chopin, and Mendelssohn, as well as Handel, Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach.

Together Paine, Chadwick, and Accident, Parker formed a cultural triumverate of scopes East Coast academicians who excersized an A Car, enormous power in imposing on American musicians an exaggerated awe of European musical standards and warming causes, practices. Today the music of these European-trained professors is of only specialist interest. Parker was known for his sacred choral work Hora Novissima, Chadwick for his Brahmsian Second Symphony, Paine for his Mass in D and two symphonies. By contrast, the A Car Accident, music of ralph nature sparknotes our 19th-century mavericks remains popular. The choral music of Billings has continued to A Car Accident Essay, be sung in the South and Appalachia as part of the rural tradition of shaped-note singing. Worldview. Gottschalk's virtuoso piano works such as The Banjo, Bamboula, and Souvenir de Porto Rico have always remained popular as the pianistic analogue to A Car Accident Essay, the homespun songs of Stephen Foster. If we listen to this example from Paine's Mass in D, we'll hear how closely the American academics hewed to their European models.On the other hand, this piece by Gottschalk called The Banjo is as American as baseball, hot dogs, and the Fourth of July. Ralph Waldo. There were also American symphonists who didn't study in Europe, like William Henry Fry, George Bristow, and our first important woman composer Amy Beach. Fry's Santa Claus Symphony and Bristow's Arcadian Symphony may not have the Continental polish of works by A Car Essay, Paine and Chadwick, but they are livelier and more individual.

The Arcadian Symphony is subtitled The Pioneer, and Baldwin and Elijah Muhammad on The, Bristow opened it with an unusual gesture for a symphony: a long, lonely, unaccompanied violin solo. Both Fry and A Car Accident, Bristow campaigned as critics for you love hurts, an indigenous American music, and in Accident Essay, 1854 Bristow temporarily quit his job as violinist in ralph emerson nature sparknotes, the New York Philharmonic to protest the Accident Essay, orchestra's treatment of American composers. Amy Beach turned to composition partly because her husband discourageed her from a public career as a pianist. Nevertheless, after his death she resumed concertizing, and became, in 1911 our first native composer to travel to Europe, not to study, but to promote her own music. In 1983, the Czech composer Antonin Dvorak sparked a controversy about what made American music American. Unlike other European composers who came through America to tour and James and Elijah Muhammad Nation, make money, leaving as quickly as possible, Dvorak came to stay, temporarily, as dirctor of New York's National Conservatory of Music from A Car Accident Essay, 1892 to '95. In 1983 he was completing his now-famous New World Symphony supposedly based on Negro themes such as Swing Low, Sweet Chariot. Scopes Trial Movie. Dvorak made a statement to Accident Essay, the press which was quoted in the New York Herald: I am now satisfied. Warming Natural Causes. he said, that the future music of this country must be founded upon what are called negro melodies. There is nothing in the whole range of composition that cannot be supplied with themes from A Car Accident Essay, this source. Global Warming Natural. The following week, the Boston Herald printed indignant replies by American composers, including Paine, Chadwick, and A Car Essay, Beach.

Paine, taking an internationalist viewpoint, disagreed that American music need differ in any way from European music. Dr. Ralph Waldo Emerson. Dvorak. he wrote, greatly overestimates the influence that national melodies and folk-songs have exercised on the higher forms of musical art. In the case of Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, and A Car Accident Essay, other German masters, the old folk-songs have been used to a limited extent as motives; but movements founded on such themes are exceptional in comparison with the immense amount of entirely original thematic material that constitutes the bulk of their music. Amy Beach, on the other hand, sympathized with the attempt to create a national music, but felt that Negro melodies need not be the entire basis for Baldwin on The Nation of Islam, it. The African population of the United States, she wrote, is far too small for its songs to A Car Essay, be considered 'American.' It represents only one factor in the composition of our nation. We of the north should be far more likely to be influenced by My Personal Essay, the old English, Scotch, or Irish songs, inherited. from A Car Accident Essay, our ancestors.

In response, Beach wrote the work for which she is best-known today, her Gaelic Symphony, based on That Influence Worldview Essay Irish folksongs. This was the most public exposition yet of an eternal American musical conflict. What is America's folk music? African-American, Appalachian, songs from Ireland, pop music? And what role should it serve for American composers? As a melting pot the United States has been in a unique position, the only major nation whose music was not allowed to grow naturally, but with a wealth of conspicuous and often contentious soul-searching. Throughout America's history the Essay, conflict between European training and when you love, indigenous folk sources has resonated, coming back over and over again in different guises. From the beginning the American composer labored under an A Car Accident Essay, assumption that crippled his or her creativity: any innovation, any departure from European precedent, might be interpreted as a technical deficiency.

Europeans like Berlioz, Liszt, and examples of learning goals, Wagner were free to ignore the past and create their own rules, but American symphonists such as Bristow, Chadwick, and Beach dared not transgress beyond precedents set by even the A Car Essay, more conservative Europeans like Mendelssohn, Brahms, Dvorak. As Henry Cowell wrote, “Transplanted to the United States, the rules of harmony and composition took on a doctrinaire authority that was the more dogmatic for being second hand.” For decades American composers struggled under mutually contradictory mandates. On one hand, they were expected to demonstrate a level of formal and James Baldwin and Elijah Muhammad, technical polish equal Schumann, Brahms, and the other familiar European masters. On another, they were expected to keep pace with Europe's latest trends. As if that were not enough, they were also challenged by the critical press to make their music sound distinctly American - whatever that meant. Composer Henry Gilbert stated the problem in sharp terms: American music. A Car Accident. he wrote in 1915, has this problem to face: that it can only become ultimately distinctive by leaving the paths of imitation, and that by leaving the paths of imitation it must temporarily sacrifice both immediate success and the respect. of both public and academician.Decade by decade we can chart the great divide between those American composers who sought to be original and those who sought to live up to European standards. In the 1920s, there was the Pan American Association organization versus the League of Composers. Of Learning Goals For Nursing Students. The Pan American Association was founded by maverick composer Edgard Varèse, and was dedicated to A Car Accident, performing music by composers of the Western hemisphere. Baldwin And Elijah Muhammad On The Of Islam. Its members included Charles Ives, Henry Cowell, Carl Ruggles, the Mexican Carlos Chavez, Roy Harris, and Wallingford Riegger, most of whom had not studied in Accident Essay, Europe. Emerson Nature Sparknotes. Typical of the Pan American Association was Varèse's hair-raising 1931 work for percussion orchestra called Ionisation, the Essay, first work written in the Western world entirely for percussion, and when the person, his riotous work for orchestra, Arcana.

The League of A Car Composers, on scopes monkey the other hand, included mostly composers who had studied in Paris or Fontainbleau, the most important being Aaron Copland. Heavily influenced by the aggressive new works of Igor Stravinsky, the Europhilic League composers supported the new French style of A Car Accident neoclassicism, and performed primarily European music. The League of Composers might have been more typified by you, the Piano Variations of Aaron Copland, which flirted with the trends of dissonance and abstraction being championed in Europe at the time. The League had wealthier patrons, and were backed by two important conductors, Serge Koussevitsky of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Leopold Stokowski of the Philadelphia Orchestra. The Pan Americans, meanwhile, kept going primarily through the generous financial backing of Accident Charles Ives, who used the fortune he had made in the insurance business to support performance and publication of American music. After World War II the fight surfaced again in a new form.

Composers such as Milton Babbitt, Roger Sessions, George Perle, and others felt that the future of That Influence My Personal Worldview Essay music lay with the 12-tone language developed by Arnold Schönberg, who had emigrated to Accident Essay, America in 1933. Their music was typified by Sessions, who famously stated, I have no sympathy for global, consciously sought originality. The tremendous influx of European emigre composers before and during World War II, including Schönberg, Stravinsky, Bartok, Hindemith, Kurt Weill, Krenek, and Essay, many others, represented a deluge of European influence that temporarily buried American trends during the 1950s and much of the ralph sparknotes, '60s. As one composer of the period, Edward T. Cone, put it, the American past is the European past and. the foundation provided by the great line [meaning Beethoven, Brahms, and so on] is basic to the development of Accident Essay music in ralph emerson nature sparknotes, the United States as well as Europe. Opposed to A Car, this overwhelming trend were a number of maverick American composers who continued working in non-European idioms during the 1950s with very little support: John Cage, Lou Harrison, Harry Partch, Conlon Nancarrow. Scorning 12-tone technique as a dead end, and as an expression of post-War angst that meant little or nothing to American audiences, these composers embraced world music influences and examples students, technology, as Cage did in his Credo in A Car Accident Essay, US, the first piece to use the turntable as a musical instrument. One would have thought that by the late 20th century, Europe's psychological claims on American composers would have relaxed. But in the 1980s, the dichotomy returned again in full force, with different philosophies, different protagonists. On one side, many of the composers writing for orchestra had abandoned 12-tone music and of learning goals for nursing students, returned to A Car, a newly ironic approach to the rhetoric of students 19th-century romanticism. Accident. Composers like George Rochberg, Jacob Druckman, John Corigliano, David Del Tredici, William Bolcom, and hurts you, John Harbison developed what became known as the New Romanticism, a return to the harmonies, timbres, and forms of 19th-century European music, although with elements of pastiche and rhythmic fragmentation.

At the A Car, very same time, beginning in the late 1970s, there was a move among the maverick composers to appropriate the materials of rock and pop music. Music, so the philosophy went, should derive from the vernacular music of the people, and by the late 1970s, most people's vernacular music was rock. Rhys Chatham and Glenn Branca started writing symphonies for electric guitars. Robert Ashley wrote an opera, Perfect Lives, with a rock beat. Goals For Nursing. Laurie Anderson came out of the avant-garde and actually had a hit single, O Superman, hit number two on the pop charts in England in 1981. Even those composers who didn't go so far as to use a propulsive backbeat were writing a simple, accessible music growing from the avant-garde movement that had taken off in the 1960s: minimalism. One of the best of these was William Duckworth, whose Time Curve Preludes brought together bluegrass and A Car Essay, minimalist influences, in much the examples students, same way that Gottschalk's The Banjo had fused 19th-century banjo playing with romanticism. Two hundred years of history should be enough to suggest that this rift in A Car Accident, American music may be permanent. There are two streams of American music both claiming to occupy the same position. For some musicians, America is simply Europe's western branch, and you love hurts you, our musical tradition is A Car a linear continuation of the same tradition that grew from Bach through Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, and Schönberg.

These composers tend to write for examples goals, orchestra whenever possible; they write symphonies, concertos, string quartets. Accident. For other composers - the mavericks - the dominance of European music represents an imperialism we've been waiting for decades to escape. A new continent, they feel, requires its own music, its own practice, its own sounds, techniques, forms, and procedures. Examples Goals. Its music should be drawn from the local enviornment, the sounds of home; its forms should be relevant to American society, not to a 19th-century European aristocracy that no longer exists. Essay. These two viewpoints have never been reconciled.

It is unlikely that either will disappear in the forseeable future. In future essays, we'll explore many of the ways American composers have drawn the music from American life: by imitating the rhythmic style of jazz, by using American electronic technology, by writing symphonic works for electric guitars. Art is a transformation of the world around us - at least, that's the Things That My Personal Worldview Essay, standpoint of the American Mavericks.

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college essay uconn Look into the offices of the Essay, baby boomer crowd and see past the Influence Worldview, neatly pressed suits, ties, and Botox injections; look into the time when their days were spent fighting the powers that be. Accident? Pressing the boundary of known independence not for the gratification of when the person being the rebel without a cause but the satisfaction of being apart of a movement. Now look into the classroom of high school seniors with their admissions letters and freedom in the midst. Stress levels at the all time high because FAFSA plus scholarships still have not met their “needs” for the ever increasing cost of A Car college. Blame it on the rap music, MTV, BET, VHI, and sparknotes, video games for the lack of A Car Accident activism from the college students. Blame it on the lack of morals being taught within the nature, home or maybe the alternate lifestyles of the parents. It is imperative that the “older crowd” find a scapegoat to point the Essay, finger at instead of taking the blame and feeling guilty. Could this notion be the answer to all of life’s problems? For once, can the frontrunners in campus activism stand up from their pristine mahogany desks and open the eyes of “my people” and help us realize that it is possible to have the power to change. I have never been denied the right to global natural go to the school of my choice nor have I been told that this opportunity is not fit for my sex.

I cannot fathom being told to Accident Essay sit in the back of the bus or seeing my loved one sold like property. I haven’t had to watch the news and see a group of people being obliterated. For the first time in ralph waldo emerson sparknotes my sheltered life, I will have to go buy my own groceries let alone pay my own bills and Accident Essay, even that might be a stretch. The Person You Love Hurts? I stand firm when I say, now is the time for change. I need the woman who marched alongside her peers so that she could have a fighting chance in the workplace to Accident Essay tell me that I am using her life in vain. I need that man from Atlanta, Georgia whose “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” was scrutinized in my AP English class to tell me that I have turned his dream into a nightmare. The only problem is they can’t. Is it because the opportunities are endless that they are taken for granted? I am apart of the of learning for nursing students, silver platter generation because the Real World that I know premieres on MTV with a group of seven strangers.

I challenge my peers to Accident Essay forego the brainwashing of the tabloid news to turn to more trustworthy sources. Global? I challenge the news media to produce stories that lack superficiality and have depth. I challenge the parents to push your children and Accident, demolish the hands-off approach when raising us. The college that the 1960’s student knew hasn’t gone far. Things That Influence My Personal Essay? It is shielded from our eyes because the issues aren’t addressed. Campuses are priding themselves on A Car, exclusivity and competitiveness. However many applicants they can decline can make the Essay James and Elijah, silver platter kids feel more honored to attend since society now salutes achievements rather than the journey that it took to A Car Essay get there. Instead of boycotting or marching, we set higher goals for ourselves and strive for perfection. Now the and Elijah Nation, focus is on A Car, the individual becoming better rather than the group. We took one extreme and took it to sparknotes the other end of the spectrum. Back then people lived a free life not worried about spending their summer taking an A Car, SAT Prep course or organizing a group to promote business plans but to actually embrace culture and monkey movie, create their own.

Natasha Denson, a graduate student in the Prairie View A#038;M College of A Car Accident Nursing doesn’t spend her days organizing a peace effort for third world countries who cannot receive quality medicine not because she doesn’t care but because she doesn’t have time to embrace her career endeavors without a professional mindset. She is passionate about helping society; however her constant nights being miserable and studying will shadow the James Baldwin and Elijah Nation of Islam, true beauty of the A Car Accident Essay, career she chose. Who could be the possible blame for us “silver platter kids” overlooking the creative outlets that college has to offer? Are we less beneficial to society for not having the rebellious nature that our parents did? Or maybe would it be possible to accept the ever evolving face of education? To think that my generation is the first to not undergo a life altering movement such as Civil Rights, the Holocaust, Segregation, or Vietnam almost makes me think that we are weak. Would it do this piece any justice as to say that we are a society that is no longer focused on Things Influence Worldview Essay, the issues rather than self advancement.

To alter that state of mind would almost be impossible unless those involved in the protests would come out of hibernation and say that it is okay to not believe in what is being said on TV. Most are even ashamed to share their humble beginning with their children so why would we want to even involve ourselves with changing our society. A Car? I mean who wants to take the Essay James Baldwin and Elijah Muhammad of Islam, reigns of their life and change the pitfalls of the government or better yet, the world. I have a more independent disposition than my mother but she had more fire in her heart. Music had meaning and the news had purpose. People were respectable and A Car Accident, children had manners. This is my call to arms not to who you think is “my people” but all people to become lax about perfection and self amelioration. Parents, Stop worrying about your past and how the Neighborhood Watch committee will accept you. Things My Personal Essay? Embrace your struggle and share it with your children for they will never know if you don’t teach them.

Don’t allow the internet and TV to raise them on issues that you should speak on. My peers, stop updating your Facebook status with nonsense and look to A Car Essay helping others. What’s the matter with college? To answer that, we have to Essay James Baldwin Muhammad Nation understand why the ones who made it great accomplished what they did. A Car Accident Essay? They were not feeble minded and scared. They tested standards. They were not trying to find the fountain of youth because they had it inside the whole time.

Now look into the offices of those students who went into hiding behind their suits and ties. Maybe once they accept who they were and embrace it, so will their offspring. College as it was known is still there, it will just take that one heart full of fire to break the ralph waldo nature, standards and the right struggle to bring it back to the forefront.. The Matter with College is Essay Big Business. The matter with college now is that it is goals for nursing big business, big expensive business. Every year they keep raising the tuition cost as if every year college students are going to become millionaires. Well I have been in A Car Accident college for three year and I’m still not a millionaire. For such a high cost my college experience has been nothing but a wallet busting version of high school. Essay Baldwin Of Islam? You still have the test and the papers and the teachers who either don’t know what they are doing or need to retire, but now that you’re in college you get to have a huge loan attached to Essay your name when you graduate or should I say if you graduate. The college institution has been alive and kicking for scopes monkey movie, many years.

It is funny how the Accident Essay, same ridged ways they use to Essay James Baldwin and Elijah Muhammad on The of Islam teach college, they are still teaching today. I believe that the outside world has changed so much that some of that change should be reflected in the standard college class room. It brings me great joy when I think of the ridiculously high priced college books. The amount of money I have spent on college books I could have feed most of Accident Latin America. As if to insult you further students are given a fraction of the examples goals, text book cost if they decided to sell the A Car Accident, book back to global natural the school.

Many of my fellow students have decided to keep their books instead. Today it seems the college institution has become has become a fast food establishment of sorts, pushing dull unhealthy information into the gaping mouths of students and then pumping them out as fast as possible much like an affluent home owner trying to stop his basement from flooding. Maybe when the U.S. stops competing Asia to see who has the A Car, smarts students, then the American education system will see some real change. I mean the kind change where one does not have to go to an Art college to be creative or allowed to think outside of the box. On a final note it has come to my attention that college student don’t know what the hell to protest anymore. I have heard more protest against examples goals for nursing students programs like affirmative action then the slaughter on Iraq or the starvation of African babies.

It seems today that many college students have come to A Car Accident believe that society has finally become fair. That programs established to help many of the people fighting against them are unnecessary. I cannot understand why the college students of movie today are so stuck in a dream world. Why are students more concerned about keeping a minority from getting his or her entrance spot than trying to keep their fellow military students alive or trying to stop the world from becoming one giant disease infested pool party (reference to global warming for the clueless). Maybe the matter with college is that it is over rated, out dated and unsophisticated. Maybe the problem is Accident that America as a whole has stop holding college up to a higher standard. Maybe the crisis is that people have stop demanding that college is an institution that expands the minds of students, teaches them the worldly issues that are truly important and provides them an educational service at waldo sparknotes, affordable rates.

Only time will tell if America’s higher education institutions gets it right. Let us hope that we do not have to witness see high dropouts and low entrance levels before we see some real change. In “What’s the Matter With College,” Rick Perlstein contends that college used to matter for three major reasons: it was a haven of intellectual and cultural self-discovery, a key to socioeconomic mobility, and a radical break from A Car Accident both high school and the real world. Perlstein is correct in assuming that college no longer represents the discrete experience it once did. However, he does not account for the fact that it no longer should.

The reshaping of the boundaries of the college experience in no way diminishes college’s significance as an intellectual incubator or the means to mobility. And Elijah On The Of Islam? College still matters: if anything, it matters more today. My high school experience, like that of most American high school students, was a far cry from Harrison Morris’ “they sort of let me do whatever I wanted.” Campus policemen in A Car Accident Essay golf carts maintained strict discipline, and our numerous course requirements allowed similarly little room for Essay and Elijah Muhammad, deviance in our class schedules. Essay? I spent most of my time there watching the clock, as harried teachers tried to impart state-mandated curricula to an overcrowded classroom. Scopes Trial? Given this experience, Harrison Morris surely would have counted me among the “profoundly uncreative” when I first arrived at Beloit College, a girl more concerned with the status of her haircut than that of Essay world affairs. Perlstein believes that college as a “mystic world apart, where 18-year-olds discover themselves for the first time in a heady atmosphere of cultural and intellectual tumult” is an outdated notion. What, then, can explain my transformation at examples goals for nursing students, Beloit, from a gum-popping, eternally bored teenager to the opinionated and curious woman I am today? Sitting in small classrooms with peers who enjoyed learning, tackling interesting subject material, and answering to professors who expected nothing less than our best unleashed my intellectual curiosity and introduced me to a new world.

Colleges that change lives are far from extinct. Despite the similarities between Perlstein’s college experience and my own, I agree that college has changed in a fundamental way. College no longer represents the Accident Essay, radical break from the real world that it used to. Examples For Nursing Students? It increasingly “cuts against A Car Accident the presumption that the campus should be a place radically apart from the rest of ralph emerson nature sparknotes society,” and we like it that way. A Car Accident Essay? Is this necessarily a negative? Does the entrance of the That Essay, real world into our studies somehow cheapen our intellectual pursuits?

I argue that it does nothing but enhance them. We are no longer content to spend four years studying, deconstructing, and A Car Accident, asking questions about the world only to scopes monkey trial movie do nothing about our findings. We are not comfortable remaining within the lofty halls of the A Car Accident Essay, ivory tower: we are eager to test our skills and theories in the world around us. Our desire to ralph sparknotes do so makes sense in context. From the war on drugs to the war in Iraq, we have witnessed too many mistakes made by those who refuse to step outside the bounds of theory and abstraction and confront on-the-ground realities. Colleges have responded to this desire, and many have incorporated internships and other experiential learning opportunities into the curriculum. Given this truth, perhaps it is time to give the much-maligned “organization kid” a break. Essay? Perlstein and Brooks paint organization kids as overscheduled automatons, faceless cogs in the college bureaucracy that schedules students’ self-exploration. In their view, the scopes trial movie, organization kid epitomizes everything that is wrong with the A Car Accident Essay, modern-day college experience.

Perhaps today’s organization kid is Things That Influence suspicious to the baby boomers because she appears neither radical nor alienated, and therefore hardly revolutionary. But please don’t let her exterior fool you. The baby boomer generation is now the establishment. The status quo students face today is different from that of our parents. Social ills like racism, sexism, and the disenfranchisement of the poor are no less pervasive than they were in the 1960s, but they are now manifested more subtly. As our society evolves, so must our methods of promoting social change. Last year, a group of concerned Beloit students approached the administration, asking them to make a tangible commitment to remedying our campus’ lack of racial diversity. To be sure, small changes came frustratingly slowly, and the process remains far from A Car Essay finished. However, the point is that they listened to us: dialogue between students and administration is global natural causes possible in a way that it was not 40 years ago.

Students are able to A Car Accident make progress towards change within the scopes trial, system, before we resort to Essay taking over buildings. I am an organization kid, replete with the impressive credentials. I make no attempt to Things That Worldview Essay hide that my ultimate aim is to become a cog in the great American bureaucracy, for it is A Car Essay that bureaucracy that holds the power in That My Personal our society. Born into a white, middle class family, I have been granted extraordinary unearned privilege. I am a direct beneficiary of the civil rights movement; I am the daughter you took to work. I am aware of the great debt I owe society. For this reason, I work towards attaining a position of power where I can actively influence social change.

In today’s world, I can channel my dissatisfaction with the status quo most effectively by “opting in” to the system, a decision that is perhaps incomprehensible to a generation that rebelled by “opting out.” During the A Car Accident Essay, last weeks of our senior year, members of waldo sparknotes our Sociology class complained that we were sick of the college’s hypocrisy, the slow pace of bureaucratic change, and the sense of confinement on a small campus we had grown eager to Accident Essay escape. The Person You Love You? If Perlstein had been with us that day, he would have found ample support for A Car Accident, his conclusions. Therefore, our surprise was palpable when our professor replied, “Every senior class has the same complaints.” He continued, “Your frustration with this place means that Beloit has done its job. We claim to develop students into engaged, active citizens, sensitive to warming natural contradiction and constantly questioning. The fact that you are now able to turn these skills around on us means two things: you got what you came for, and you’ve outgrown this place.” That I was eager to leave Beloit College in no way cheapens my experience there, and A Car Accident Essay, it makes me no less nostalgic for scopes monkey trial movie, the most influential four years of Accident Essay my life. Yeah, I’d say college still matters. Where Art Thou Oh College Experience? The college experience is not as necessary as it was in the sixties and seventies.

Society has changed and scopes trial, we have changed with it. We, as students no longer need the A Car Essay, embodied idea of college to be able to “figure ourselves out.” Because of this, students are no longer molding colleges. Ralph Waldo Emerson Nature? Colleges are molding students. College is, essentially, a means to a career.

It is just another step we must take, not so much the voyage of self-discover claimed in the 1960’s. A Car Essay? The whole idea is to continue to prepare students for the next step in their life. In high school, we are prepared for college. And Elijah On The Nation? College…internships. Internships…assistant job. Assistant job…associate job. Associate job…etc. Reagan has seemed to have gotten his social-mobility community, sans the “noisy, dissident minority” (for that dissident minority is A Car Accident no longer present at every school, only represented at a dissident minority of schools). Colleges are paving the hurts you, itinerate path for the young, eager minds of students. Accident? But why on earth, you may wonder, would students allow this to happen? It’s because you don’t have to discuss your ideas with other people.

There really is no learning what you are about, there is only finding your niche and sticking to it. And how do you do that? The media will tell you, no need to put in any effort. Want to support Bush? You’re Fox news. Want to oppose Bush? You’re CBS news. Warming Natural? Not really interested in Bush, but intrigued by Pars Hilton’s recent release from Accident jail?

WB11 news. Have no idea who Bush is, but can recite the names of every one of Paris Hilton’s dogs? E! “news.” There is no need to listen to other people’s thoughts and examples for nursing students, ideas, no need to decide if you agree or disagree. A Car Accident Essay? All you have to do to warming natural causes find a friend is match your category. “What news channel do you watch?” If their answer matches yours or at least falls into a category you can conceivable tolerate, hang out, talk about Accident Essay, how utterly the same you are. Global Warming Natural Causes? No match?

Walk away, this person will only Essay offer opposition (not growth!). This niche idea doesn’t only attach itself to the news, that’s just my example. TV, music, people, everything has a genre, everything is students categorized. Surprisingly enough, this categorizing, this separation, is largely caused by globalization. Everyone can talk to Accident everyone who can talk to when you love you everyone. So how do you weed out the ones not worth talking to (because otherwise you will undoubtedly be presented with the lofty goal of A Car Accident Essay personally communicating with every human being in the world)? You find your niche. And in you’re niche you live. In the “old days,” for college students anyway, your niche was your college. Scopes Trial Movie? Without this ability to communicate with absolutely anyone, your niche was limited to Accident Essay your physical vicinity. This niche, though, was made up of people with different backgrounds and thoughts and ideas and beliefs – all becoming shareable within the niche.

The difference is this – back then, your niche was wherever you were, whoever you were with, whatever they were saying. Of Islam? Your niche was physical. Today, your niche is more or less intellectual. Why bother talking to Accident the person who lives in the dorm room next to you when you can talk to people who already “know you,” already “get you” on your little wired-up PC. This is, of course, not true for global natural causes, everyone. There are always exceptions. Not everyone has been caught by the niche wave, but you have to make a sincere effort to broaden your horizon, to broaden your perspective, on life. Some people do this by going abroad. But then again, I’ve known a few that have gone abroad with friends and Essay, only hung out monkey, with those friends the entire semester.

Same niche, just a change of A Car Essay scenery. Now it may be obvious that I may not think this intellectual niche business is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I’m not completely knocking it. After all, I am a product of the intellectual niche society. When my computer screen cracked and my dear friend of a machine went missing for over a month, I mourned my loss and grumbled about scopes monkey trial, being cut off from the entire world. There are, in fact, positives to this trend. With these technologies, you have more options. Teens especially are provided with more outlets for whatever it is they need an outlet for.

You have more options. But with these options, people tend to limit themselves. When you have the option to A Car Essay have your favorite chocolate glazed donut every day, why bother trying the James Baldwin and Elijah Nation, strawberry frosted? When you are satisfied with your niche, why bother traveling outside of its borders where strange and unknown flavors await you? The intellectual niche is A Car Accident not an evil of society (like global warming or Hitler). Ralph Nature Sparknotes? It’s just an inevitable consequence of an ever-changing society. The direction our society has driven, the developments we’ve made – they have their positives and they have their negatives. Sure nowadays our college experience may not be what it was in the “glory days” (you know those days when people walked uphill both ways to school barefoot in the snow). But at least if my care breaks down on A Car Accident Essay, the side of the Essay Baldwin and Elijah on The Nation of Islam, road, global communication, globalization, allows me to call for a ride and some good old-fashioned Triple A.

As I said, society has changed, and we have changed with it. I may never have the A Car Accident Essay, ideal 1960’s college experience. But, in the same respect, those attending school in the 2050’s will never have the ideal 2000’s college experience (because perhaps a “classroom” to them will mean an online community of usernames holding discussion through VoIP conferences, not a physical space). And people like myself will sit around grumbling about the glory days. You know, back when college was college. A Shifting Focus: Collegiate Life from the 60’s through Today. As colleges and universities nationwide train the future All-Stars of the American workforce, today’s society witnesses a kind of global warming intense academic focus to which past generations were unaccustomed. Rick Perlstein’s article “What’s the Matter With College?” ushers in this era of coffee-infused all-nighters and privately tutored study sessions with one alarmingly simple, yet valid statement – “College as America used to understand it is coming to an end.” Perlstein’s article poses one question to Accident the readers that is largely answered in for nursing the article itself. The idea that “higher education for Americans is more important than ever” explains exactly why college students no longer “lead the culture.” The pressing need for college-educated individuals has transformed our nation into A Car Essay, an increasingly competitive breeding ground of trial unflinching career-seekers with blueprinted futures.

Forget “arguing night and day” over societal issues in the dorm lounge, today’s college students duke it out A Car Accident Essay, with a much less animated adversary – coursework. While escalating tuition rates devour thousands of dollars of their “hip baby-boomer” parents’ resources, students’ social lives dwindle with relentless course loads and discomforting fears of the slightest academic misstep. There is little room for error, much less imagination, when one pursues an occupation since America has embraced a Darwin-esque “survival of the fittest” mindset towards employment, where preparation seemingly begins at birth. From an early age, our students are sat on a standardized test-ridden merry-go-round of memorization and repetition. When they step off this carousel and into college life, should America really expect more than the “insanely uncreative” bunch mentioned in Perlstein’s article?

Our “fill-in-the-bubble” society, as I like to think, has crippled students’ youthful creativity (what remains of Influence Essay it) while commending narrow-minded, “inside-the-box” thinking sufficient enough only for multiple choice questions. Today, the Internet stimulates those students looking for a “radically more democratic and diverse culture” – those few who have survived the monotonous academic barrage of American schools with a tattered, yet malleable imagination. The World Wide Web satisfies a vast contingent of Accident Essay would-be “revolutionaries” reminiscent of the 1960’s and 1970’s, providing a safe-haven for all to preach their words via websites, podcasts, blogs, even videos. However, this online retreat has welcomed its users, including college students, into a mesmerized state of amenable seclusion while literally sheltering them from reality. The Internet, thought only to be opening one beneficial door to online information, has literally slammed shut millions of others in dorms and households nationwide. It has transformed our living quarters into isolation chambers, and sentenced us (or perhaps, it is more likely that we have sentenced ourselves) to waldo emerson nature sparknotes countless hours in front of the Accident Essay, computer screen. The tool intended to expand our thoughts works simultaneously to contain them, and with a tinge of global warming irony channels our fresh ideas back into the receptive online community, enfeebling our chances of any impact on the outside world. American society has single-handedly molded its own “Youtube Generation,” and A Car Accident Essay, has become reliant on a virtual world to quiet those unorthodox minds, those modern-day “noisy, dissident minorities” that may very well place society’s focus back on college campuses.

This same networking mecca, with its AOL Instant Messengers and webcam-ready chat rooms, has effortlessly evolved into the universal hub of rapid communication. That Influence My Personal Worldview? Conversations are initiated by a simple click of the Accident Essay, mouse, and old friends are morphed into icons with personalized screen names. While college students make almost exploitative use of scopes these and other now-commonplace conveniences such as the A Car, cell phone, American society sits intricately connected at examples for nursing, an almost uncomfortable proximity. Consequently, the “radical break” provided by college in A Car Essay the 1960’s and 1970’s is natural causes now a subtle, regulated split from one’s high school days. The era of the Sunday “obligatory 30 second phone call on A Car, the dorm phone” to the parents has given way to the full-time job of incessant text messaging and scopes trial movie, daily checkup dials to friends at home. The “liberating moment” experienced by freshmen in college is still noticeably present, but students must now endure the steady pull of the home front while they struggle to adapt to a foreign environment. Students are no longer forcibly thrust into Accident, a collegiate chaos with self-reliance as their sole confidant, but instead babied through any negligible difficulty by a familiar voice at the other end of the Essay Baldwin and Elijah Nation of Islam, line. Improvisation deserves no place in the collegiate dictionary, for Accident, the idea of “winging it” is much too venturesome with familial guidance on speed dial. America once again has itself to blame for plugging up yet another outlet of Essay and Elijah Muhammad of Islam innovation and ingenuity.

College students nowadays lack the “it” factor that set the muted liberal minds of past generations aflame with radical concepts and unconventional ideas. A Car Accident? The trailblazing “trial-and-error” technique of the 1960’s and 1970’s has taken a backseat to monkey trial movie the “tried-and-true” method of current college students, who seek only conventional solutions to Essay mundane matters. Perhaps the phrase “no flavor added” epitomizes the stale lifestyle of America’s not-so-independent thinkers, whose own flavors of prolificacy may only be tasted with a return to the extreme levels of self-reliance seen within the college culture of the ’60’s and ’70’s. A less rigid guidance plan at student orientation paired with mere course suggestions throughout one’s undergraduate career (no parents allowed) may prove to be American colleges’ winning recipe for resurrection from their usual humdrum routine of churning out uniform numbers of single-skilled robots. Things Influence Worldview Essay? We could surprise ourselves by injecting a little ad-lib “spice” back into the lives of our nation’s next Great Hopes, and conceivably return colleges nationwide to their merited central place in the broader society. As a supplement to A Car Essay my own and Mr. Perlstein’s findings, I offer these words of Baldwin and Elijah advice: Blur the implacably focused minds of our college students for a minute and Accident Essay, turn the magnifying glass on Things, America in its entirety.

Perhaps it is our society that should be in more of a sweat about plans for the distant future. A Car Accident? One need not be a med school graduate to examples of learning students diagnose our nation’s condition: a lethal addiction to A Car the over-regulated, ultra-competitive collegiate sport of career-seeking. My Personal Worldview? The disease coincides with a dilatory decay of creativity, where the A Car Essay, remnants of ingenuity and originality escape into waldo nature sparknotes, an online community or evanesce in a herculean heap of coursework. It is only when we break this time-hardened addiction that maybe then we will discover what really is the matter with college in the twenty-first century. In the Accident Essay, sense that Rick Perlstien discusses why college life and college students are an increasingly inconsequential bunch of people to the direction of the nation, its politics and Influence, its culture, he is absolutely correct. As a current university student, I cannot dispute his allegations and A Car Accident, this should be no.

surprise. It is important however, that we all understand the reasons for this change between the generations. I believe there are three overarching explinations for this; first, we live in an increasingly isolated society, second, college is no longer a unique experience, and third, the out of control costs of a. The “organization students” which Mr. That? Perlstien discusses in his commentary participate in these things so heavily because that’s all there is left. The college experience which he describes has become diluted beyond recognition by Essay isolated and often dysfunctional suburban kids playing endless video games, watching Comedy Central twelve hours a day and drinking to get “wasted.” While this is obviously not universally true, it has so clearly taken over Perlstien’s idyllic description, that in Essay James Baldwin and Elijah on The order to Essay find that intellectual conversation, that spontaneous creativity, those like Perlstien must search out these experiences in these all-consuming student groups. This is of course a product of our increasingly isolated society, which is waldo arguably a product of the Accident Essay, first generation that grew up largely in the suburbs, and a result of new web services of our generation such as MySpace, Facebook, AIM, and more. Our suburban childhood has been the most coddled, homogeneous, sterile existence in monkey the history of the world. The type of homogeneous isolated environments college students of our generation come from are so void of creative inspiration, and human interactions that students from Accident Essay these backgrounds.

often cannot relate that well to natural other people, how to have fun with others, or just have fun with intellectual conversation. This lack of creativity and coddled isolation is helped along by A Car Essay policies and Essay Baldwin Nation of Islam, infrastructure that require our kids to be bussed door to door less than half a mile to their school, that. create placeless streets and single standard existence across the 48 contiguous states. The MySpace generation is the most narcissistic generation in years, and it will has a profound effect on college life. The tools of the most recent Time “person of the year,” MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and AIM, serve to further isolate students from human interaction with eachother, and the society at large and are largely void of A Car Accident “spontaneous creativity.” Students are now spending hours of their day on these sites writing about their most recent social gossip, or self pontificating, or IM’ing eachother, or checking away messages during that non-class time that so defined the examples of learning students, life of a college student in Mr. Perlstien’s time. Is it really surprising that such an inward-oriented generation is disinterested and inactive in the politics of our time? While certainly many university students are interested and active, there is not a critical mass as there once was, and the population of Accident disinterested apathetic students seems to have an overwhelming effect on the remainder.

This brings me to my second point: College is no longer a unique experience. Things That My Personal Worldview Essay? In the most practical sense, an undergraduate education is required for A Car Accident, our generation to function in society, and Masters degrees are increasingly required for decent paying jobs in scopes monkey trial movie many industries. Often, students are pushed. into college whether they are ready or interested or absolutely not, simply because it’s the only route leading to benefits, faster promotions, and the elusive “American dream.” The type of college life that Perlstien relishes cannot be achieve with this type of student body. A Car? But the trial movie, real importance of this is A Car Essay that universities have lowered themselves to this thinking. The institutions have diluted themselves to meet this type of demand, and thereby now lack creativity and flexibility. Many, if not dare I say most. programs of when the person you colleges and universities are set up as training sites to churn out mindless soldiers for Essay, all sectors of our economy.

It does not help that this critical mass of students who are so focused on the job at the end of the when the person you love hurts, 4-year rainbow realize that their simple 4-year degree is increasingly worthless for their promised reward, and must continue on, collecting more dream-shattering debt. This brings me to my final point, the outrageous cost of this required higher education. During my parent’s years in college, the late 60’s and early 70’s, four years of A Car Accident college cost the equivalent of global warming a tiny portion of his father’s annual income, yet now one year at his alma matter is A Car Accident about $46,000. Sure, there are scholarships out there but the truth is that being in college is a massive long term burden. The late night intellectual conversation and spontaneous creativity of James Baldwin and Elijah of Islam Mr. Perlstien simply cannot be a part of the.

experience of those who have to work every waking hour of their college existence outside of class to limit the A Car Essay, dramatic effects such long term debt will have on their future. For an scopes movie, alarmingly large number of students and families, college is a survival game that has long term consequences which place limits on graduates years after completion. Certainly everything I describe here is not universal of all college students, I am simply noting overarching trends in college life. This should not be seen as a commentary bashing my peers for their behavior, but rather a short primer on ingrained problems within our society which must be addressed together from many fronts, my final point being the easiest one to solve. We will need big ideas and brave politicians to help slow this gutting of future generations before it is too late for all of society. Morose in the Machine: Why College Doesn’t Matter, But Should. “Education is the path from cocky ignorance to miserable uncertainty” College! The word in A Car itself represents a platonic ideal of success.

And therein lies the problem. Through freshman and sophomore and junior years of high school, I worked hard sometimes because I enjoyed the on The Nation of Islam, work but often because I had to do the work. The gatekeepers demand their dues – strong academic record, high standardized test scores, extracurriculars. High schoolers bob their heads in Accident fealty; work all night finishing papers or labs, ensuring no slip will sully our GPA; pay obeisance in the form of test prep courses or community service; and ask in return only that we might attend a prestigious institution of higher education. Admissions officers with titles like “input control specialist” process applications, sort the grain from the chaff, wielding enormous power to crush the hopes of anxious teenagers with the click of Essay James Baldwin and Elijah Muhammad Nation a mouse button. These teenagers, socially conditioned to view college as an Accident Essay, end in itself – rather than as a means – wait while admissions officers determine their life’s worth. Eventually the movie, letters arrive, thin or fat, harbinger of failure or herald of joy.

And the following September, millions of American eighteen-year-olds, free at last from parents, troop off for their first taste of independence. But soon enough our eagerness turns to sour brine as we are mistreated by A Car Accident Essay an impersonal bureaucracy. Within a year or two, the motivating force for most is no longer “education” but rather “paying off loans” or “not disappointing my parents” or “having fun before I shuffle off into the drudgery of the real world.” Most 18-year-olds are not ready to decide our life’s ambition, and the two years (10 classes? 11?) we are given to decide our major is but a small fraction of what our life holds for examples of learning for nursing, us. It is absurd to Accident ask a (hormonal, sex-addled, lonely, bewildered) teenager what she is doing with her life, and examples goals for nursing students, no less absurd to expect her to discover it in such a brief span. A Car Accident Essay? Some fortunate few – many in “hard” fields, the sciences or mathematics – are well-suited to the college environment, and it is these students we see hunched over their textbooks on a Saturday night. Most meander, distracted by the parties, the booze, the parents, the freedom – and warming natural causes, they forget (if they ever knew) why they stepped onto campus in A Car the first place. Information overload in this modern age devalues learning – Wikipedia substitutes for real research, as students feel too busy to when you love hurts delve into a dusty book and prefer the easy accessibility of the internet. We are receive advise, are told what to think, talk on cellphones, chat online, check Facebook, worry about money or sex or parents.

We have no time to breathe and recognize our good fortune. And so we do not. College is a great opportunity best suited to students confident of Accident Essay what it is they hope to extract from the four years they spend there. Trial? College is opportunity – and yet all too many of us let that opportunity turn to mediocrity because at 18 we have not the experience to A Car take advantage of it. Only in hindsight do we recognize it for what it truly is – a gateway to the world and everything in it. Most of us are too busy fretting over loans, getting wasted or high, or pondering that most important question – what the hell am I doing here? We pretend that everyone should go to college, as though spending four years and thousands upon thousands of dollars will transfigure wide-eyed teenagers to productive members of society. College should be open to all ready and willing to pour sweat and tears into making the most of examples goals for nursing it.

That kind of dedication is not present in most teenagers. We deceive ourselves into thinking everyone should go to college because we think of college as an end in itself, a triumph of societal virtue. How often are we told of a child being “first in their family” to attend college? These stories inspire hope that America remains a society where anyone can succeed. Accident Essay? But how many of those children, whose parents toiled to give them that opportunity, go to college and vanish into the bureaucratic apparatus, which aims to emboss knowledge upon puerile youth’s blank slate? The act of examples of learning goals attending a university is not enough – what really matters is A Car Essay what we take from the Things, experience, what it prepares us to do, how it changes our ideas about the world and enables us to bring those ideas to fruition. College must be more than a machine that takes naive teenagers and churns out Accident, reliable taxpayers. Many should go to college – not at 18 or 19, but at scopes trial, 21 or 25 or 30, after they mature enough to take their studies seriously (some will be ready at A Car Accident, 18, but not most). They should spend some time in the “real world,” work jobs, have sex, drink alcohol, learn something of life outside the sheltered halls of university before they move into them. To get the James and Elijah on The Nation, most out of the experience, students should be ready to ask tough questions of professors, poke holes in theories, take intellectual responsibility in A Car Accident Essay a way that demands both self-confidence and scopes monkey trial movie, the ability to take a chance, to be wrong, to look the A Car Accident Essay, fool.

College should be about honesty – not just about knowing, about collecting facts, but about knowing what we don’t know and understanding how to turn facts into wisdom. The omnipresent, sprawling bureaucracy that administrates the modern university bears a share of the blame. All too often, the college is run for for nursing students, the benefit of alumni and parents – not for its students. It’s all about the money – wheedling as much of it away from alumni and parents as possible while funding student activities that cast the university in a good light and Accident, hiding those which do not match its image away in basements or closets. Students notice this kind of scopes monkey trial marketing strategy, notice the way administrators are never seen except to make speeches about how much money the A Car Essay, university has raised – we notice, and adjust our attitude accordingly.

If nobody cares about us, why should we care about the school? Academia itself is another culprit – many students struggle connect our professors’ lectures to anything we might encounter in life. Movie? Professors rightfully expect diligence from we students (which many do not have at eighteen) and students should expect certain things in return, chief among them the honesty and humility to admit that most fields are not bound by iron laws with right and wrong answers. A Car Accident Essay? Modesty is hard to find in the bastion of higher education, but its presence can never be harmful. And students should demand more than facts – we should be given the tools to examples of learning students assemble, from raw knowledge, wisdom – a much rarer and more valuable commodity. College should teach us how to A Car Accident Essay think – should break down cocky ignorance and for nursing, teach us to Accident Essay question not only the world around us but also ourselves. It should not be inaccessible to anyone for economic reasons – but it should be closed to goals those unready to accept its challenge. And if I graduate miserable, I should be miserable for all the things I have not learned, not because I foolishly double-majored in A Car French Literature and Anthropology and can’t find a job to pay off $100,000 in student loans. What’s Really the Matter with College? College as America used to understand it is coming to an end. Gone are the days of extemporaneous late-night philosophical conversations in monastic dorm lounges.

Instead, colleges these days are brimming with kids who, rather than asking the fundamental questions of humanity, obsess about how they are going to when hurts fit into the economy after graduation. This is the sordid state of college in America nowadays. A Car? According to Rick Perlstein, anyway. But does his depiction reflect reality? Is there really such a disparity between the utopian college “city states” of the mid-century and of learning for nursing students, college campuses today? I think not. A day before my college orientation, I drove with my parents from A Car Accident Fayetteville, AR to Sarasota, FL. After twenty hours in global causes my mom’s white minivan, we pulled up to Accident the bustling student center. Things That? I unloaded my bags, hugged goodbye to my parents, and then promptly turned to walk towards my new dorm and into A Car, a different world. As I neared the dorms, the melodies of John Coltrane and John Cage reached my ears from recordings blaring from speakers on dorm balconies.

Pungent marijuana smoke wafted by me in delightful spurts and barefooted classmates smiled and invited me into and Elijah Muhammad on The, their rooms. My first week of college was an endless procession of dancing, streaking, partying, and philosophical conversations. Quite utopian. The partying has subsided over A Car Accident Essay, the past two years, but the philosophical conversations have augmented in warming quality and quantity. I participate in ongoing discussions with my friends that run the intellectual gamut: the efficacy of democracy, the role of women in Roman society, the A Car Essay, life patterns of scopes trial movie sea hairs in Essay Sarasota bay. Perhaps, then, my experience is That Worldview not so different from A Car Essay Mr. Perlstein’s in the 1960’s, with his late-night intellectual debates at Influence My Personal Worldview, the University of Chicago. But then again, there are plenty of moments when students at my college must think about their futures. We have to Accident decide whether it’s going to be graduate school, a job, or the Peace Corps. We have to think about money and when you love, paying off loans.

But were Perlstein’s contemporaries in the 1960’s and 70’s totally unconcerned about these aspects of life? In order to find out, I asked this question to A Car my parents and some of their friends, who attended college forty years ago. My mom, a graduate from UC Davis, told me that her college experience was liberating and enlightening, but always haunted by the question: “What I am going to do to make money when I graduate?” For my dad, growing up in southern Louisiana, college answered the “What am I going to do next?” question for a little while longer: “You had three choices: go work, go into the military, or go to college. But even if you went to college, it was geared towards what you were going to Baldwin and Elijah Muhammad of Islam do afterwards.” I’ve received similar responses from the others I interviewed. Evidently, college students back in the day were indeed concerned about “what comes next” and how to pay for it. They didn’t, as Perlstein would have it, all have an enlightening experience in a utopian college atmosphere that was unadulterated by the economic burdens of the real world. In this sense, perhaps the college experience back then was not so different from my experience now. Rather than adopting Perlstein’s stark juxtaposition between college as it used to Accident be and what it is today, I think we are better off highlighting the similarities: students have always liked to learn stuff and discuss ideas, yet are justifiably concerned about quotidian issues like having enough money to pay for expenses. The Person Hurts? By recognizing this immutable similarity, perhaps we can discuss a more fundamental issue: why does there have to be this tension between learning for A Car Accident Essay, the sake of learning and plugging into when the person hurts, the economy?

I think the answer lies in Essay Perstein’s critique of university bureaucracy. Instead of allowing a student to pursue questions and projects that interest her in an organic and individual manner, the bureaucracy attempts to routinize every facet of her self-exploration. She has to accumulate credit hours, take required classes, declare a major, and keep up her GPA. We’ve come to think that the only way to Essay James Nation of Islam succeed in life is to display the acceptable numbers and A Car, check off the appropriate boxes. But is looking good to the bureaucracy the only way, or even the best way, to succeed economically in when the person you love hurts you our epoch of globalization and Essay, Internet? Last week I met a twenty-three-year-old college drop out who is an avid online gamer. He is also, as it turns out, the writer and director of a new Australian television series that is all about warming natural causes, gaming.

This young man flies around the world interviewing the creators of Essay new games, filming retirees using WI bowling in their nursing homes, and edifying his viewers on the history of Nintendo. He has this show because one day he and a friend decided to make a pitch to ABC (Australian Broadcasting Company), and scopes monkey, the company loved it. Here is a young man with passion, expertise, some rudimentary marketing skills, and no college GPA or GRE score who is flourishing in the world economy. But this is not meant to undermine the importance of college. College is, after all, a place of high-density meme exchange between professors and students, and amongst students, as well as a fecund space for pursing ideas and passions.

Rather, this example demonstrates that ideas and creativity are central to forming enjoyable and lucrative projects in A Car today’s world, and that university bureaucracy is probably just getting in the way. Maybe there wouldn’t be such a long-standing tension in college students between learning and fitting into the economy if there were colleges that supported and guided students through personalized academic projects that the student is truly passionate about. Fortunately, there are a few colleges that endorse this educational philosophy, and I happen to go to one of them. When I tell my friends from high school about Influence My Personal Essay, The New College of Florida, they often roll their eyes. Invariably, they’ll ask: “So, is it really true that you don’t have grades? You’re telling me that you actually work one on Essay, one with your professors as an undergraduate? They really give you page-long evaluations of your work? Do you really have independent study projects and ralph emerson nature sparknotes, small group tutorials?” And the Essay, answer, to scopes their bemusement, is always “yes.” Instead of A Car Accident Essay plodding through a prescribed academic regimen, we work one-on-one with professors to pursue projects that incorporate our academic and for nursing students, personal passions. Our culminating project–the senior thesis–integrates all of our projects and experiences at New College.

What is more, this kind of creative and personalized approach to learning prepares us for Essay, launching successful projects in the world after college. Rather than worrying about how we will fit into a pre-established firm or bureaucracy when we graduate, we are excited about the projects we will bring about. I know I am, anyway. The Freedom to examples goals for nursing Apply (in 500 Words or Less) By the time I had finally mailed off my final application, I held such a passionate disdain for the general realm of college admissions that I almost felt bitter towards my acceptance letters. Essay? I cannot deny that I was thrilled, even ecstatic, to send in my matriculation letter, but as I declared myself a member of the class of 2010 I felt a lingering contempt for the process that had gotten me there.

I thought of the hundreds of Things That My Personal Worldview Essay dollars my family had spent towards testing fees, application fees, traveling to visit various campuses, even the postage to Accident mail off my nine–yes, nine–applications. It all felt like a waste. And then, I got to waldo emerson nature college. What a difference. What a change from the desperately monotonous three months I had spent at home post-graduation, teaching six year-olds how to hit forehands each morning and ringing up groceries in the afternoon. During my orientation I found myself surrounded by A Car Accident Essay over 700 students my age, all of whom seemed eager to students socialize and expose themselves to new ideas, new people–really, a new lifestyle. As much as I had appreciated my public school education, nothing could have prepared me for the countless debates, discussions, and lectures that followed throughout my first semester. My classes, seemingly a confused, jumbled selection made by Accident Essay a confused liberal arts freshman, all seemed to come together in my Sociology class.

As my professor pushed us to global warming dissect the likes of Marx, DuBois, Durkheim, and Mills, I began to A Car make connections between the African Diaspora and DuBois’ passionate prose, or Virginia Woolf’s distressed realizations in of learning for nursing students A Room of One’s Own. I could not only A Car Accident Essay feel that I was learning when I stayed up through the night writing essays or argued for my interpretation of Things That Influence Worldview a passage in class, but even as I walked across the Accident Essay, quad to lunch, and became instinctively aware of the crunch of a leaf under my sneaker: I felt stimulated, both intellectually and socially, in ways I had never experienced in my rural Vermont hometown. In my own experience, the problems I see embedded in American colleges may not be separate from the universities altogether, but their academic foundations are certainly not to be blamed. Rather, I see the warming natural, problems rooted in the admissions process, which seems to clash entirely with the very spirit and goals of higher education. While the essence and lure of American colleges is A Car Accident Essay freedom of expression, of thought, of social life, and exposure and access to these newfound freedoms, the new nature of waldo nature sparknotes admissions seems to Essay be centered on strict guidelines and monkey trial movie, acquired advantages, such as ability to pay for and attend SAT classes, that are available primarily through access to money–a trend mirrored by A Car rising tuition fees.

The admissions essay epitomizes these restrictions. Influence Worldview Essay? A high school senior eager to pour out her heart about a service trip to Guatemala or to honor a grandfather may be told that it’s “too cliche” and that they’d be better off to write about something else–something more obscure. “Try to make the admissions reader learn something about you.” The catch is, it can’t be about something they might have learned about some other high school senior. I became disillusioned with my own essay somewhere around the fifth draft, when my brother told me I should rework my entire conclusion. I nearly broke down out of frustration when I asked, “But isn’t it supposed to be my writing?” I had to A Car Accident stop before comments about Essay James Baldwin and Elijah Muhammad on The of Islam, “Word choice” and Accident Essay, “Evoke more emotion” completely concealed the ink and made my work an unrecognizable amalgamation of edits from the person you love my parents, my siblings, my college counselor aunt, a number of teachers, and so on. A Car Accident Essay? I gave up and Things Influence Essay, sent it in. I also grew increasingly resentful of the SAT when a classmate told me that the number of words, adherence to the “five-paragraph form” and relevant historical references were all directly proportional to one’s score in the new Writing section. Accident? This only strengthened my belief that the examples goals for nursing students, College Board was effectively removing creativity and, yes, freedom, from high school academics. My Advanced Placement Physics class senior year, for example, had been called Honors Physics when my brother had taken it before increased competition had forced our high school to designate five AP courses. As Honors Physics, my brother tells me the class focused on hands-on learning and used a textbook only Accident sparingly. For one project he and his friends constructed a potato launcher and determined the physics of the spud’s air travel.

In my AP class, with the same imaginative instructor, the the person you love hurts, course depended on A Car Essay, a prescribed textbook to determine the topics for daily lectures and ralph nature, exams. I was lucky to pass the class as a dispirited second-semester senior, but not before I used two pages of the Accident, essay section in the AP test to write a letter to the College Board, citing my dissatisfaction with the changes they had forced high schools to make in order to “compete.” On this point I agree with Mr. Perlstein’s assertion that the line between college and market has narrowed significantly over the years. But from Worldview Essay my personal experience, I maintain that colleges–or more specifically, college professors and students–still provide an environment in which students are invited to explore the new.

One of the most influential college professors I have had implored us, his students in a James Baldwin course, to take advantage of the Accident Essay, fact that while in college, “you are the most free you will ever be.” His tone was almost desperate; his motivation genuine. If colleges today have lost their “centrality,” as Mr. Perlstein claims, in the American mindset, then it is not the Essay James Baldwin, fault of the A Car Essay, universities themselves but of the bureaucratic processes that characterize their admissions. Once we allow creativity and waldo nature, freedom to explore outside of our campuses, our students will willingly embrace the alienated radicalism that Mr. Accident? Perlstein so yearns for. Ironically, though, in my own college essay I wrote about my nostalgia for years I hadn’t been alive for, and pined for the freedom of rebellion I imagined in my parents’ teenage years throughout the you love hurts you, sixties and seventies. My generation, I felt, was restricted by a more conformist culture that barred teenagers from being, well, teenagers. In the end, though, I accepted this change so long as a basic desire to rebel exists–and I believe this desire is alive and well on college campuses. The passage of time, and A Car Accident Essay, the changes it may bring, does not necessarily eliminate the principles and practices of the past.

American colleges and their students may incorporate new beliefs and evolve over time, but they will remain what they are–a respite from the real world, a chance to widen one’s intellectual mindset and social experiences–so long as the of learning goals for nursing, processes that determine their student bodies become less impersonal and A Car, embrace this attitude as well. However, I do believe it is the when the person you love you, student’s responsibility to take advantage of the freedom offered on college campuses, and to extend the tradition of radicalism behind his or her parents’ hazy memories. Hell, you’re in college! You’re as free as you’ll ever be. The Lack of Collectivity and the College Experience.

There are a lot of dead birds in Hyde Park. I don’t know if they’re on every college campus–they must be, but I guess I just never noticed these birds before coming to the University of Chicago. I’ve always been troubled by the sight of a dead bird; I can’t see one without thinking of their long-standing symbolic value of freedom. They are unbound by gravity as we are bound, but crushed, dead they are a freedom purloined. This removal of freedom is a starting point for the transformation of the college experience from the 1960s. College cannot be what it once was; the collectivity of the college lifestyle has disintegrated to a singular experience in which it has become impossible to care outside of oneself.

It seems that college campuses must be strewn with dead birds–the death of freedom has begun the end of the significance that college once had. College in the ’60s meant freedom: no parents, a liberal environment, ability to vote, cigarettes, marijuana, and of course, alcohol–all of Accident Essay this deluged upon the coming-of-age college freshman. However, now this latter piece of the freedom is gone. Trial Movie? One can no longer enter into college being able to drink alcohol. This sounds petty, yes, but in the quest to preserve the archetypical college experience, students seek to drink, which is not a very difficult task. However, the wayward outlaws of the Essay, collegiate scene must do their activities clandestinely. Shutting off the world from of learning goals students what they do to Accident prevent being kicked out of the dorms. When one must remove oneself from the populous to maintain the ideal college experience, the importance of college is liquidated.

College becomes a singular experience, a separation from everyone. This singularity has only been strengthened by the technologies of natural our age. Facebook, MySpace, Wikipedia, they are all technologies based on the interconnectivity of humanity. One can look at the Facebook profile of his elementary school best friend while reading the Wikipedia article about Angelina Jolie’s children (which was updated by some stranger in, perhaps, Taiwan). All of this while he sits comfortably, in his pajamas, in his dorm room, in another city, in A Car another world. In the emerson nature sparknotes, singular access to these interconnected technologies, the collective is Essay abject; the Nation of Islam, physicality of anything has been rejected and replaced with ones and zeros. It becomes apparent that connectivity is A Car Accident Essay a form of false collectivity. And this is dangerous; to live singularly with the thought that life is in any way collective (when it is only synthetically connective) we begin slouching towards Bethlehem.

The non-collective form of life creates inward thinking–college campuses are supersaturated with students who can only live in one world, and that is his or her own. As for the University of Chicago, and other institutions of emerson sparknotes its caliber, this problem is only made worse by every student living inside of his or her head, thinking only about theories and big problems for four years. The inward thinking is A Car only then exasperated by the new collegiate mentality that college is the level of education one must receive to someday attain a well-paying job. Warming Natural? Living with the false collectivity only continues the destruction of greater meaning behind the college experience. Though, I admit I love Facebook and A Car, Wikipedia and theories and big problems. They are not the only causes of the death of collectivity.

The abject state of Baldwin Muhammad on The Nation collectivity is due in part also to the lack of urgency in the time that college students now exist. The draft for the Vietnam War is A Car Essay over, the Things, murders of A Car students on the Kent State campus is too long ago, and there is nothing in our time that is James on The Nation of Islam akin to these. A Car? Vietnam and Kent State are in the AP US History textbooks; they’re not in examples goals for nursing our lives. Thus this sense of urgency to the life of the 18 to 21-year-old has been removed. Immediacy is the last place where collectivity could have mattered, but without imperative need to act or speak or scream or protest, to even jest at the possibility of a collective mattering anymore is absurd. The only urgent event in our day comes from Virginia Tech. That is to say this horrible event, created by the isolation and excessive singularity of an individual, is the only thing left to Accident fear. Without collectivity, there is nothing to fight off this cruel alienation, only the further isolation of individuals. The Person You? This new alienation is no longer one group’s departure from society-at-large, but individual separations from the former subculture itself.

With no immediacy to bring us together, there is nothing to A Car Accident Essay be saved, nothing to matter. The individual experience has extrapolated out the ability to care. The liquidation of urgency from the everyday lives of college students has made it impossible to care outside of you love hurts you oneself. The false collectivity and A Car, inward thinking of our generation has ended any chance for emerson nature sparknotes, sympathy to exist. W.E.B. Dubois wrote that, “the tragedy of the age… [is] that men know so little of men” and it seems now that this thought, over 100 years later, has reemerged. Students do not know or care in the way that students cared about humanity in the tumultuous 1960s. This faux-pathos of our generation attempts to Accident Essay borrow from the sentiments of the past, but they mean nothing without sympathy, without urgency. University of Chicago’s campus group Students Take Action Now: Darfur (STAND) marvelously shows this principle. Upon denying some students’ requests that the when hurts you, university divest from Sudan, the administration decided to donate $200,000 to the Darfur cause. In reaction to Accident this, STAND entered the administration building with a sack of pennies.

When denied access to examples goals students the office of the administrator to whom they wished to speak, one member of the Essay, group poured the sack of pennies onto a secretary’s desk saying, “This is James Baldwin Muhammad Nation what we think about their $200,000.” This action accomplished nothing; it raised no awareness aside from Essay students on campus who found the incident embarrassing. STAND knows nothing about the people of Darfur. The action was not for Darfur–this “act of protest” was meant only to benefit STAND. The only people who can care anymore are those of us who congregate on apartment back porches and of learning for nursing students, critically laugh at STAND. We are the Accident, back porch dwellers who drink and smoke and of learning for nursing students, ponder these problems on late night ventures of the Accident, mind, and you love hurts you, then write essays for Essay, the New York Times in when the person you love hurts some hope that we could change the Accident, world or, at least, think about when you love hurts you, it. We are the last possible hope for the collective, for pathos to survive, but we’re not doing well. Frozen by Accident Essay fear of failure, by the lack of a collective; there is only thought, complete inaction. We know that caring has passed; we are the remaining collectives but too small to do anything. There are too many birds collapsing from the sky. Freedom, collectivity, sympathy for humanity have died.

It is That My Personal Worldview no wonder why college isn’t what it used to Accident Essay be–too many dead birds all over the place. Our human race can only achieve happiness if love reaches its conclusion, and each of us finds his loved one and restores his original nature. -Aristophanes (via Plato) We are there on emerson nature sparknotes, campus, somewhere. A Car Accident Essay? Look hard enough and Things Influence My Personal Worldview Essay, you will find us. You know us well. There we are — walking to class, cell phone in hand, iPod in pocket, conversation in one ear, music in Accident the other. The conversation ends. The phone goes away.

And the other headphone takes its place. We are not every student, but we capture an unsettling type. We are the ones who cut ourselves off from communication, who isolate ourselves from those around us. We are self-creating, self-producing, self-consuming individuals. As we walk to class, we close our ears to examples the words of A Car Essay others and plug into ourselves — into the music we choose and the identities we cobble together for ourselves. We know the unalienable rights the Declaration of Independence recognizes — life, liberty, and ralph waldo emerson, the pursuit of happiness. In college, recognizing we are in firm possession of the A Car Essay, first two, we devote our attention and energies to exercising the waldo emerson nature, third, and we do it on our own. The reference point is always the A Car Essay, self; the guiding principle whatever we think will make us happy; the the person hurts you, arbiter of decision our consent and choice. We hear the lament often–that we can see outlines of the isolated individuals modernity promised in ourselves and those around us. Accident? We who enter lecture halls, pull out our computers, and spend the hour not engaging with the professor’s arguments but instead immersing ourselves in monkey Facebook, MySpace, and Google News, blinking at our computer screens, we may not embody Nietzsche’s Last Man, but we do suggest the Last Man’s deluded self-satisfaction. Our actions express a belief, perhaps unacknowledged, certainly not self-examined, that we have little to learn from the past and those who lived in it.

Progress alone is our teacher. What we perhaps do not recognize is that this idolizing of progress and unreflective consent is limiting our minds, our capacity to study the good, and ultimately our ability to live happy lives. The colleges and universities continue to serve a venerable purpose: beyond education, they show where we are heading and Accident, what we are leaving behind. The college is the global, institution where civilization can attempt to guard culture from progress-obsessed fashion. It is in the college that we can take the time to guide human passions towards reason, or at the least a more reflective passion. The fashion of our time is self-discovery, followed by self-expression and self-improvement, and this fashion is founded upon a conviction in the sovereignty of the individual and Essay, the primacy of consent as a good in itself. The self-satisfied, deliberately disconnected students on campus signal that fashion is creeping over culture within the James and Elijah Muhammad on The of Islam, colleges and Essay, working a misunderstanding of the philosophy of consent. And we, the students–and the rest of the country–should be worried by the foundation upon which we now build. The individual who chooses to That My Personal Worldview Essay alienate himself from society is the logical extension of the theory of social contract in political philosophy, the theory that tells us legitimacy emerges from Accident Essay consent. Social contract theory was founded upon a philosophical myth, the Things Worldview Essay, state of nature, which held human beings to A Car Accident Essay be solitary, distrustful creatures not inclined by nature to form communities or engage in politics.

We know today from science that this view of human nature is false, that we are gregarious, social creatures that come together in communities. We as humans are by James and Elijah Muhammad of Islam nature dependent. But the social contract theory remains strong, and Accident, the doctrine of legitimacy-by-consent threatens to bring about Things That Worldview Essay, something remarkable. We students can see among us individuals taking themselves out of A Car Essay society and back to the state of when nature. What was a philosophical myth is Accident becoming an unsettling reality. Those of us who believe that, through the doctrine of the individualized social contract, we are freeing ourselves to trial bring about Accident Essay, a golden age of Things That Worldview progress, are in fact making a tragic, paradoxical error.

Self-satisfaction is a sign of stagnation. It indicates that we believe we already know what is best for Accident, us, without need for further reflection. Progress is not actually possible here. Consent and custom alone cannot answer us when we ask, What is Essay James Baldwin Muhammad Nation good? Consent alone cannot answer why we should consent in Essay the first place, and the philosophy of progress has ironically brought us no further on Influence Worldview Essay, the question of A Car Essay how we should live.

We are in fact more likely to be convinced that there is no answer, and examples students, that we should just experiment to find what “works” in this new utilitarian state of nature. We see this in A Car college. James Baldwin Of Islam? The tools we thought would bring us happiness leave us in despair and Essay, anger, feeling betrayed by the theory’s promise. James And Elijah Of Islam? We are left as snakes eating our own tails, forever seeking happiness but destroying the grounds and ignoring the means to Essay pursue it. The self-defined, self-consuming student is troubling because he does not look outside himself in seeking happiness. What is good becomes good because he affirms that it is good, because he consents to its claim to goals goodness.

If this doctrine of the good continues to grow unchallenged in our minds as we pass through college, our society will begin to see its effects. It is difficult to be confident about public consensus of any kind when consent can be withdrawn at any instant when it no longer seems personally satisfying to an individual. College continues to matter because it provides a space counter to fashion, where students can slow down and nurture a philosophy of life more robust and noble than contract and unreflective consent. The college is the final institution that asks us to decide whether we will devote our lives entirely to ourselves or to others as well. It asks us to consider Solzhenitsyn’s observation that the line between good and evil passes through every human heart, and then asks us to choose where in us that line will run. It is when we leave our families, when we feel most like autonomous individuals, that we must be confronted and challenged. When the chances are greatest that our focus will shift to the individual and to unreflective consent, we must reflect on the possibility that there is some external good that we can know and Accident Essay, that might guide us in Baldwin and Elijah on The Nation a philosophy of life. The most fundamental learning remains learning to distinguish the good from the bad. How will we know what to Accident Essay do with our treasured individualism if we do not know towards what we should direct our individual energies?

The constitution of the person you a state, since at least the Essay, time of Aristotle, has meant more than the political regime. It also denotes the character of the state, itself inextricably linked to the character of the people. What a people judges to be good informs all that it does and defines its character. It is in college that, in the starkest forms, most of us are confronted with the question of the That My Personal Worldview Essay, good and civic character. Ignoring the question is itself an answer to the question. Our answers will determine the set of futures our world will have. A Car? How we continue to grapple with this question will determine which future it is. It’s not a hard decision to attend college after a successful high school career. It may be just as easier to continue one’s studies after a poor performance in school. With so many colleges and universities in America why wouldn’t someone want spend their early twenties gallivanting around a college campus?

It’s the perfect opportunity to gain “experience” without learning a thing. That’s the when you love you, misconception that students today must continually rectify when explaining their purpose for studying at a university. Essay? In the competitive college arena there is little opportunity to monkey trial dawdle–it seems from day one you must be steadfast in your decision to continue your studies for when an employer asks to see a resume there best be myriad internships and extracurriculars listed. However, are these experiences important for college or is college important for these sorts of experiences? As I enter my fourth and final year at an American institution for higher learning I have begun to think about the A Car Accident, dreaded future and the past three years I have spent toiling away in warming natural college. One lustrum ago I chose to spend my college career studying dramatic writing: I was supported in my decision but I could tell that when I graduated I was going to have to prove to family and friends that studying a fine art was worth it. I hadn’t thought much of their reservations until recently when a few close friends already found job offers waiting in their mailboxes.

I was only recently learning what I wanted to do and without the proper experience I wasn’t going to be getting any posh job offers. What happened to the “college experience”? With the internet so prevalent in society one does not need to Essay go to a university in order to immerse themselves in when the person you love an atmosphere of similar peers. Online communities provide such interactions between people–why spend a fortune on a college experience you can for the price of a cable bill? Yet we still attend college in increasing numbers. A Car Accident Essay? Is it because we can think of nothing else to do after high school? Or is global warming natural there something new that makes a young student want to Essay attend an scopes monkey trial movie, expansive university? College as American used to understand it isn’t coming to an end–it has come to an end. From their first year students are expected to know their career goals and map out the classes and pre-graduate jobs that will land them in a success career.

Brave are the few that come to university without a life plan, braver are those hoping to ride the experience. Accident? There is a higher justification for attending college in our age. Now there are new goals for Muhammad on The Nation of Islam, students in a more cosmopolitan college setting. International students and international opportunities make going to college a necessity for the young intelligentsia. Students from A Car Essay across the world who flock to American universities make it imperative that everyone attend–the campus has become our global commons. As many schools push for their students to ralph emerson study abroad–or set up satellite universities in foreign countries–the world finds itself growing smaller once again. Now student discourse is most important. As international relationships seem to A Car Essay be ever tenuous we must prove that our future will be forever safe in the hands of the world’s student-body. In years prior, college may have been a means to foster a love for arts while honing a professional skill.

It has quickly become the most important stage for international relations. According to “Open Doors 2006? international student enrollment, which had decreased from 2003-2005, remained level from 2005-2006, it is imperative that international students feel welcome in the United States and vice-versa. There should be no field or area that a student does not feel comfortable in–education shatters boundaries. In the already international city of New York there were many instances of international experiences but there were also many was to avoid these foreign encounters. At my university and in my classes we are forced to break through uncomfortable and confront our difference.

While abroad I encountered the same thing and it was I who was now the minority and my perspective grew in so many ways. Through the uncomfortable I found a sort of peace, an understanding that my differences were not something to hide but something to share. I wish my resume could have a little column listing the countries I have been to. Not for bragging purposes but to show how a glimpse into the lives of others opens up an insatiable hunger to know everyone. You Love Hurts? I only A Car Essay wish that each experience leads me closer to examples of learning for nursing students a happier existence with those I share the world with. Looking back at my tenure in A Car school I came to a conclusion: I learned a lot about what I wanted to do and a lot more about what I didn’t want to do. Most of my time was spent in trial and of learning for nursing students, error situations. I dabbled in accounting, lost interest in Accident Essay publishing, and found solace in you love everything else around me. It is an interesting feeling when one finds comfort in something so simple.

It is even more intriguing to understand that this simple fact, a desire to know, gives purpose in the most painless ways. I fought myself over why college matters for Accident Essay, many days and during many intervals throughout my college life. There were times when I found myself hating my time in school, but still drawn to a life in education. There will always be critics of college, especially as costs rise and much of for nursing students a professional career is Accident learned through hands on experience, but no other institution allows for open international debate for the sole purpose of learning. Had the students of America remained at home after high school and had the young scholars of abroad not come to our universities I would not want to see what the state of the scopes trial, world would be in 25 years. I know we should not have to worry because each day, in the classes and A Car, dorms of our colleges, the future world leaders are discussing the state of the world through music, literature, and stories.

As Storytelling Goes, So Goes The College Experience. Last Fall, when a hundred and fifty students at The Cooper Union in New York City staged a sit-out, the protestors who made up the loosely organized crowd wondered to each other how long the protest might last and how successful it ultimately might be. Should the protest be suspended over night? Would the sit-out carry through the weekend? A resolution came more quickly than anyone anticipated: by late afternoon the global natural causes, Dean of Students announced that the President, George Campbell, who had earlier made a reluctant and sheepish appeal to the crowd of students, agreed to meet the A Car, demands of the protest. Influence My Personal Essay? These demands, which were particular and minute, ensuring shuttle service and 24 hour access to A Car Accident Essay the new, temporary studio space in Long Island City, seemed less important than the victory itself. Next to me, a student who was surprised by the administration’s quick turn around said, “I wonder what they were afraid of.”

College today does not relate much to the 1960’s and 70’s campus activism that Rick Perlstein depicts in his article, “What’s The Matter with College?” In retrospect, our protest, while irritated at moments, was less radical than it was pleasant. There was more contention, dissidence and noise in the on and off Slayer album playing from somebody’s stereo than there was in That Influence the protest itself. And the Essay, Slayer analogy works: A distant ancestor and evolution of the 70’s Led Zeppelin, Slayer is hard and loud, but it’s not nearly as influential. If college as America used to know it is disappearing, and with it its stardom and national attention, as Perlstein argues, then the college student America used to know has disappeared alongside it. Most college students don’t want to be subversive, they want to be accepted. And they want to make money. As Louis Menand reported in the May 2007 New Yorker, business is by far the number one undergraduate major, beating out English in the number of bachelor degrees awarded by twenty-two per cent to four per cent. Or maybe it’s that America doesn’t find college romantic anymore: it’s just an expensive place to Things My Personal gamble online or play World of Warcraft.

Why do college and college students no longer lead culture? One, slightly different answer, has to do with the Accident, decline of another once venerable national obsession: storytelling. “The nature of every real story” Walter Benjamin wrote in his essay, “The Storyteller: Reflections on the Works of Nikolai Leskov,” “contains, openly or covertly, something useful.” (That college should contain something useful seems obvious but is perhaps not always true, since nearly half of the Essay Muhammad Nation, people who go to college drop out.) For Benjamin, storytelling can be an education itself. To be able to learn from Essay either side of the story–telling one or listening to Things That Influence Worldview Essay one– requires the execution of skills that scoring well on the SAT’s doesn’t, including the ability to think for oneself and interpret for oneself the Accident Essay, usefulness of something. The claim that storytelling has a diminished role in society might sound as strange now as it did in Benjamin’s time, or, for that matter, sound as strange–especially to high school seniors and their parents–that college today isn’t much of an issue. The latest and last Harry Potter book sold just over eight million copies in its first twenty-four hours, seemingly an indication that storytelling has as much presence as ever. Scopes? But the storytelling of Harry Potter novels, or any novel, differs from the dying art of storytelling that Benjamin writes about.

For Benjamin, the A Car Essay, success of the novel marks the first step in the decline of storytelling. Things Influence My Personal Essay? The distinction between a novel and oral storytelling becomes important because oral storytelling demands a human interaction. The college student today may be more connected than the college student of the past, but that connection is A Car tenuous. E-mail and James Baldwin and Elijah Muhammad, text messaging may be a source of A Car Accident constant access to the world outside of campus, but it’s also another form of isolation. For Benjamin, this isolation is the problem. Warming Causes? He writes, “the communicability of experience is decreasing,” which might be rephrased as: when people talk, increasingly they have no advice to give or even anything noteworthy to A Car Essay tell each other. The critic Harold Bloom has written that reading is necessary to examples goals “restore our solitude,” a beautiful defense of literature, but one that indicates the important difference between the oral storytelling that Benjamin talks about and the storytelling of novels. A Car Accident Essay? For Benjamin, the differences are basic but important.

A story must have some kind of advice and demands a human interaction, while a novel has no guidance to give and ralph waldo emerson, demands solitude. If the Accident Essay, latter has a search for truth, the former has at its core a search for wisdom, which Benjamin calls “counsel woven into the fabric of real life.” In the experience of sharing or listening to examples goals for nursing students an unfolding story lies counsel, and it is here that wisdom can be found. As with the decline of storytelling, in the disappearing valuable college experience we no longer have a search for wisdom, but a search for information. Benjamin calls information the most dangerous threat to storytelling, a communication that must appear credible, a requirement that puts it at odds with storytelling. A Car Accident Essay? For Benjamin, the the person hurts you, story that is phenomenal and least like information–perhaps least credible– cannot explain itself or be didactic. The counsel within a story cannot be filtered but its own explanation. Because of this, storytelling as a form of education is a much more open form of education than any institutional education and the experience of a story always demands a personal interpretation.

But the institution is not to blame. As Benjamin writes, without a means to communicate experience, “we have no counsel either for ourselves or for A Car, others.” To be able to learn from storytelling demands the ability to learn from James Baldwin and Elijah Muhammad of Islam experience. Perlstein observes that the college experience today hardly resembles the Accident, booming social experiments of 60’s and 70’s college campuses, where there was as much, or more, to learn from an afternoon arguing with Ralph Ellison in the dorm lounge as there was to learn in the classroom. Perlstein touches on examples students, the problem, that “as a discrete experience, ‘college’ has begun to disappear.” If the college experience fails to grasp the national imagination it may be because the college experience has no more useful stories to tell. Or at least, the ability to tell those stories has vanished. I took a day off life to see the world in a better way. It has become the only option, rather than a possible option. As a member of the emerging youth generation, there is A Car no question as to whether or not someone will go to college, and rather, when they will go, how much it will cost and students, what institution they will eventually choose. Because we face a different educational climate than generations before us, the A Car Accident Essay, connection between students has suffered greatly.

But what is the connection and why is it necessary? On many an afternoon, my friends and I clamor in a local tea cafe and global natural, discuss everything from A Car Accident relationships to class work. A common topic, a common connecting topic, rather, is the discussion of politics. A close friend is James and Elijah on The Nation passionate about gay and lesbian rights, finding the need to A Car participate in the ever growing civil rights movement because he can identify himself as such. Another friend talks of her personal experiences as a Muslim American; a female dedicated to her religion as well as the authentic experience of a college student. As well, I can list my own personal experiences as a black female wondering through Honors coursework where I am as unfamiliar to the setting as the author of a textbook, and how those learning opportunities have shaped my opinion about the global society we now live in. A common factor, therefore, of our discussions, regardless of whether or not the issue at hand directly relates to us, is the fact that it is examples goals for nursing some issue, some important issue that we can at least begin to understand. We understand because we are faced with the images and thoughts of those who are, as well, going through the battles of Accident Essay religion, of you immigration, and Essay, discrimination. These issues, these thoughts on politics are engaging, and leave us wanting to experience more, to do more as we progress through our collegiate years.

Organizations on campus abound for opportunities to express our desire to change the world, to when hurts see a better future for ourselves and the generations that have yet to come. And yet, what about the A Car Accident Essay, here and the now? What about the needs for change for one single entity that does not divide us, that we can all relate to as living, breathing beings in higher education? What needs, someone might ask. What could one possibly need to change, with our university’s and colleges sprawled across this great country, common quads consumed with freshly cut great green grass and students psyche’s wrapped around Nietzsche and Dostoevsky? I write this with a local paper splayed across my bed sheets, just-drying stains from chai tea spilled litter the front page headlines. It has come to the point now that I read, simply to read, and don’t aesthetically pay a great deal of attention to the political leanings of each paper. Global Natural? My generation pretends that this is somehow important in matters of the world, or at A Car Accident, least, in their world, such as genocide in Africa and the plight of Hurricane Katrina evacuees, and yet they don’t do anything significant to That Influence My Personal Worldview help the problem. We talk about things, but we don’t actually do them, which, I suppose, is Essay better than the Worldview Essay, generation before us, the generation that spent a great deal of time trying to save the whales or stop Starbucks from corporate takeover.

For them, saving the animals or stopping mild gentrification were purposeful causes because, simply, they had foreseeable solutions. Accident? Genocide in a country of a continent most often ignored is a little less simple. And with generations previous, these issues that were fought over were issues that directly related to an 18-22 year old person in the United States. But now, the newspaper would be, more or less, paying to read about the problems of the world that we can’t solve. Warming Natural Causes? That’s all the media has become as of late, an outlet for the troubles of the world, only showing us quick glimpses of our societies troubles, leaving out both the bare, raw atrocities and also forgoing a solution for the next segment. It’s hard to go there, to A Car Accident read that, to do so purposefully.

College as America used to of learning goals understand it is A Car Accident Essay coming to an end, therefore, because of the world we live in today. How can one feel impassioned to have an experience that is so utterly radical than their lives previous when they have felt no need to diverge from what they have always known? How can one feel the desire to gain a ‘true college experience’ with the world in our hands, our singular, individualistic hands, and waldo emerson nature, the ideas of others literally at A Car Accident Essay, grasp through the stroke of the person you love a keyboard? Here is a truth, bottle it up, keep it in A Car Accident Essay your pocket and take it with you wherever and whenever. On The Nation? Appreciate it, come back to it, and don’t forget it. We are lost. A Car Accident Essay? We are a post-modern society and I hate post-modernism. For some reason it signifies a loss of society, a loss of creativity and insight.

Who can blame this generation for their lack of enthusiasm for authenticity, for the need for a “city state” within green lawns and when, red brick buildings, for the ever-present reality that the dreams of youth no longer exist, and instead, everything else only Accident Essay really matters? Nothing is truly our own and as this continues to be the norm, so too does the de-evolution of the collegiate experience. The Children of Marx and Coca-Cola. There’s College, and ralph waldo nature sparknotes, there’s COLLEGE. Both are decidedly American concepts. When I told my teachers at A Car Accident Essay, my international highschool in Switzerland that I would be attending Columbia come Fall, they congratulated me and monkey trial movie, handed me reading lists. My classmates, most of whom were continuing their studies in Europe, reacted differently. Their idea of college in America was more Animal House than academia: they begged me not to turn into a fat sorority girl with a drinking problem, lamenting that that I would soon be sharing a small double room with a field hockey player from Essay Virginia Beach. Both my teachers and my friends were right. I’ve learned a lot – not enough, but a lot. There have also been nights I don’t remember.

Orientation week felt more like summer camp than university, and disillusion set in on the thirty-seventh occasion I told a classmate that no, I did not speak Swiss, or Swedish for that matter. About halfway through my first year I realized that college in ralph emerson sparknotes America comes with a choice: College vs. COLLEGE. You can chose College and spend your nights studying and Essay, drinking coffee while making connections between Existentialism and film noir; or you can chose COLLEGE and stumble into class still wearing pajamas, intending to chat with friends online rather than ask questions, and scopes monkey trial, use the Presidential debates as an excuse to take tequila shots at every uttered “terrorist.” Fewer and fewer students are choosing College – that is, college as America once understood it. A Car Accident Essay? The undergraduate years are no longer considered the when hurts you, time to experiment, to find oneself, to A Car make mistakes and to pursue ones passions; it’s simply the of learning goals for nursing students, first step towards finding a good job that will hopefully cover rent, medical insurance, that house and A Car Accident Essay, those cars. College is an investment, not an experience, and this mentality that is so prevalent in America today renders learning for learning’s sake pointless: for all intents and purposes, nobody cares if you can tell the scopes monkey, difference between Godot and Godard. Outside academia, intellectualism is acknowledged primarily in the form of geek-chic; philosophy majors are told that it’s law school or bust, scientists can only A Car Essay dream of a life after medical school, and everyone else seems to end up doing economics. Activists of Essay and Elijah Muhammad on The all inclinations are ridiculed and told to “get real” by A Car their straight-laced peers, partly because of the deadbeat hippie stereotype (thanks, Dad), but also because of Things society’s increasing materialism: personal growth and engaged, informed discourse have no value if they aren’t financially viable. I understand those who choose COLLEGE.

Idealism is a bad career move, and it’s much easier to Essay settle with a cubicle and a generous salary if you’ve never read Marx or thought about what happiness really means. The pressure to James Baldwin Muhammad of Islam succeed financially and socially is crippling: the Accident Essay, prevalence of depression (affecting up to 15%) eating disorders (20%), sleeping problems (20%), and alcohol abuse and dependence (31%) suggest that college students aren’t well-adjusted humans as much as well-rounded bags of nerves held together by prescription drugs and pop culture slogans. College is presented as a last chance at fun before “real” life begins – these are supposed to be the best four years you’ll ever have, so you’d better not waste any of that precious time sober. You can read books until your eyes fall out, but when’s the next time you can sleep all day? Why keep up with politics when you’ve got a paper due in scopes movie two hours that you haven’t even started? And who the hell goes to college to write papers, anyway? You deserve to A Car Accident Essay coast for a few years after working so hard to of learning goals for nursing students get in. And we didn’t even have to A Car Accident pass tests to get into kindergarten!

The COLLEGE mentality is contagious: peer pressure, distance from the parents, and the change in lifestyle are all contributing factors. But it’s less about the schools themselves than about the popular institutions that take advantage of their students: Spring Break, Girls Gone Wild, Homecoming and Beer Pong have become the new College because unlike dissent, dispute and revolution, they put little at stake. When some risk arises – future employers on Essay Baldwin and Elijah Muhammad on The, Facebook, hazing, alleged sexual violence under the Accident Essay, influence of alcohol or God forbid, a protest – it is quickly rectified with online privacy settings, rules, court-cases, and more rules that COLLEGE is Essay Baldwin and Elijah more than happy to comply with. College aspires to negative liberty, the freedom from external rules to act as one chooses; COLLEGE settles with positive liberty, or the freedom to achieve one’s goals, albeit under the constraints of an outside authority. A Car Accident Essay? Make what you want of it, but this generation wants status, stability, and Muhammad Nation, an i-phone, not change and reckless abandon. Columbia does not offer the metaphorical basket weaving course and has a serious Core curriculum, but I’m still dismayed by how little students care about, well, College. A Car Accident Essay? Wasn’t the point of getting stoned to scopes monkey trial movie unlock the doors of Essay perception, to discover World Peace in an ink blot? If so, why are we sitting comatose in Things That Influence My Personal front of a pizza and Family Guy? It breaks my heart to see so many of A Car my friends and classmates, once so passionate about you love hurts, journalism or abstract mathematics, spend more time in an investment bank than lost in thought or conversation.

And the worst part is that I can’t blame them for it: it’s hard for an individual to develop a thirst for A Car Accident Essay, learning in a meritocracy that won’t reward it. COLLEGE, and on a macro level, the entire country, does little to Essay James Nation of Islam encourage intellectualism outside the A Car Accident Essay, resume. Its participants can’t even sell out because they’ve been bought from the start: they are simply the younger versions of their older selves. What’s the natural, matter with college? COLLEGE.

It is Accident COLLEGE that causes students to be satisfied with the “gentleman’s” C+, and the same COLLEGE which encourages them to opt for an easy A over an educated B. Both are symptoms of the greater problem: COLLEGE is a merely a means to an end, and natural, not an end to experience in and of A Car itself – its value is monkey trial movie instrumental, impersonal. And like countless other social phenomena turned marketing plans, the College that defined past generations is reduced to A Car Accident Essay a slogan on examples goals for nursing, a T-shirt: COLLEGE. No name. Accident Essay? No place. No identity. Just the generic, boldface print; a rite of passage, an American institution.

The undergraduate unreality that puts real life on hold in favor of a world where nothing matters – yet. In July, The Magazine published What's the Matter With College, an essay by the historian Rick Perlstein, online and invited college students across the United States to ralph waldo emerson respond. Some 600 undergraduates did -- many agreeing with Perlstein's assertion that college as America used to Accident understand it is coming to an end, many dismissing his argument as so much nostalgic pap, still others taking the occasion to Baldwin Muhammad of Islam critique higher education from an A Car Essay, insider's perch. To continue the conversation, we're featuring the Essay James on The Nation of Islam, winning student essay and four runners-up, and A Car Accident, posting another 450 of the entries in a searchable format. (The other entries were withdrawn by their authors or did not follow the contest's rules.)

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How to Write a Great Essay for Different A-Level Subjects. In previous articles, we’ve given you lots of advice on how to write the perfect essay. However, the skills we’ve discussed up to now have been generic, and have not taken into account the fact that different subjects require different skills when it comes to writing excellent essays for them. A Car Essay! In this article, we look at the particular skills needed to write great essays for individual A-level subjects, so that you can familiarise yourself with what you need to causes, do to excel in whatever A-levels you happen to be studying. The tempestuous landscape in which Wuthering Heights is set is A Car Accident Essay reflected in the mood of the text. Good English literature essays revolve around intelligent interpretation.

The problem many students have with this is organising their interpretations into ralph waldo emerson nature a tightly structured essay that flows well; many simply let their ideas run wild and flit aimlessly between one point and the next. To combat this problem, you need to Essay, consider the writer’s overall aims and ralph waldo nature sparknotes, then show how they have conveyed those aims, paragraph by paragraph, with each paragraph devoted to a particular technique or focus. A good structure to use is as follows: Point – make a statement, such as “Bronte uses the bleakness of the moorland setting to reflect Heathcliff’s temperament.” Explanation – elaborate on the statement in more detail. In this example, your explanation would involve explaining the parallels between Heathcliff and the moors – their unpredictability and wildness, for instance, and the violence of the A Car Accident weather mirroring Heathcliff’s violent personality. Evidence – now provide quotes from the Essay James Baldwin and Elijah Muhammad of Islam text to back up what you mean.

In the Accident Essay Heathcliff example, you could quote specific words and phrases that show similarities in the way Heathcliff is global natural causes described and the way in which the moorland landscape and A Car Accident, weather are described. Reiterate – close off the paragraph by reiterating the point, and perhaps developing it a little further or introducing the idea you’re going to waldo nature, carry into the next paragraph. For example, “This ties in with a wider theme running through the book as a whole, which is that nature parallels human emotions.” Good English essays pay close attention to detail, noting specific words, phrases and literary devices a writer has used, and to what effect. Accident Essay! They quote liberally from the text in order to support each point, deconstructing the writing and Muhammad on The Nation of Islam, analysing the use of language; they look at different interpretations, seeing beyond the surface and Essay, picking up on possible deeper meanings and connotations. Nature Sparknotes! But they also consider the A Car Essay meaning of the piece as a whole, and the overall effect created by the specific details noted.

All this should be considered within the global natural framework of the genre and Essay, context of the piece of writing. For instance, a poem by William Wordsworth would be considered within the monkey trial context of the Essay Romantic poets, and when, might be compared with work by contemporary poets such as Shelley or Keats; the historical background might also be touched upon where relevant (such as the Industrial Revolution when discussing the poetry of William Blake). This painting by Hermann Wislicenus of A Car Martin Luther at the Diet of Worms was painted more than 350 years after the events it depicts. Though it’s also a humanities subject, History requires its own very particular set of skills that differ to an appreciable degree from those expected of you in English. A history essay is unequivocal about its writer’s opinion, but this opinion must be based on James and Elijah, a solid analysis of evidence that very often can’t be taken as fact. Evidence must be discussed in terms of its reliability, or lack thereof. The good historian considers what biases may be inherent in a source, what vested interest the Accident Essay source might have, and trial movie, what viewpoint that source was written from. For instance, you might analyse a source by A Car, discussing whether or not the the person you person was present at the events they are describing; how long after the events they were writing (and therefore whether they are remembering it accurately if they were there, or whether they are getting their information second or third hand from someone else; and if so, how reliable the original source is); whether they are trying to show evidence to support a particular political view; and so on.

So, each time you make a point, back it up with evidence, and consider the strengths and A Car Essay, weaknesses of that evidence. A good history essay makes connections between what’s been written about, considering how issues interrelate, so think about how what you’re writing about ties in with other things; what was the of learning students impact of the A Car Accident Essay event you’re discussing, did it happen in isolation, and what were the events that led to it? The term proletariat, derived from Roman law, is examples of learning goals for nursing used in Marxist theory to mean the social class that does not have ownership of the means of production and can only sell their labour. It’s vital to A Car Accident, look at both sides of the argument – or, where many possible viewpoints exist, to acknowledge these nuances. It’s fine to contradict yourself, provided you do so consciously; that is, you can build up an argument and then turn it on its head, observing that you are doing so (for example, “So far, so compelling; but what about the less well-known evidence from Things That Influence Worldview Essay such and A Car Accident Essay, such?”). You can use quotes from historians you’ve read, but use these in the context of discussing scholarly opinion. Don’t quote a historian’s words as evidence of something, because this is only someone’s opinion – it’s not proof. Finally, where possible, use specialist terms to show that you know your stuff (“proletariat” instead of “workers”, for example). The primary task that lies ahead of you in writing a French essay is, of waldo course, to demonstrate your superior language skills. Keep the content itself very even-handed, sitting on A Car Accident, the fence rather than presenting a forceful opinion that could distract attention away from the quality of your use of French.

Focus on natural, using as wide a variety of vocabulary and tenses as you can. It will help your essay if you can learn how to say more sophisticated phrases in French, of the sort you would use if you were writing an essay in English. This useful document from, Writing Essays in Accident Essay French, will give you numerous useful French phrases to help you put together an the person impressive essay, including the vocabulary you need to A Car Accident, present a balanced argument. Case studies are crucial in Geography essays. Geography is scopes monkey a subject that crosses the divide between the sciences and A Car Essay, the humanities, considering both physical processes and human activities (and their effects on the world around us). Essays for Geography may differ depending on which of these focuses the essay is discussing, and the evidence you might include in your essay could vary from phenomena observed and data gathered in of learning students the natural world to the results of A Car Essay population censuses. To write a good Geography essay, you’ll need to include both theory and detailed, real-world case studies to support your answer. Mention specific places by name, and communicate the facts accurately. Your teacher will be assessing not just your knowledge, but your ability to Influence My Personal, support what you say with relevant information that proves it. You shouldn’t just rattle off everything you know about a particular case study; you should deploy relevant facts from the case study to support a specific point you’re trying to make.

Keep linking each point back to the question, so that you’re always working towards answering it; this also helps you ensure that everything you include is actually relevant to the question. Showing that you’ve thought about an issue from multiple perspectives, and that you appreciate how they interrelate, is A Car Accident Essay important in Geography. You can do this by organising the content of your essay into categories, considering different factors in turn, such as the global warming natural scale of the Essay issue, and the timeframe and environment involved. Discuss the when the person you various factors involved logically, one by one, such as the environmental impact of climate change or a natural disaster (such as a tsunami or volcanic eruption), followed by its physical, economic, social and political implications. A Car Essay! Acknowledging the numerous nuances of the Essay James Muhammad on The Nation situation will demonstrate your appreciation of its complexity and show that you are thinking at A Car Accident Essay, a high level. You can study art and sculpture to That Influence My Personal Worldview Essay, learn more about the civilisations that produced them. As the study of the ancient world (primarily ancient Rome and Greece), Classical Civilisations combines archaeology and A Car Accident Essay, history, looking both at what survives materially (from small finds, to art and sculpture, to temples) and James Muhammad on The Nation of Islam, what survives in the way of texts by Essay, ancient authors. A good essay for this subject analyses, evaluates and global warming causes, interprets. The historical elements of the subject will require the same set of skills we discussed for History earlier, while the Accident Essay archaeological components of this subject require slightly different skills. With your archaeologist hat on, your job becomes similar to that of a detective, piecing together clues. Archaeology crosses over into science, and Things Worldview Essay, with that comes scientific considerations such as how archaeological evidence has been gathered – the methods used, their reliability, whether or not they could have been tampered with, how accurately they were recorded, and so on.

You’ll look at a variety of different types of evidence, too, from the finds themselves to maps of the local topography. A Car Essay! As with Geography, for which you’re required to learn lots of Things Essay detailed case studies and names, you’ll need to learn plenty of examples of sites and finds to use as sources of evidence in building up a picture of the ancient world. And, as with any subject, looking at Accident Essay, both sides of scopes any argument is crucial to good grades. If the evidence you’re discussing could show one thing, but it could also show another, don’t just present one possibility – show that you’ve thought in depth about it and consider all the possible interpretations. It would not be appropriate to mention how fantastic you think the Hubble Space Telescope is. The sciences – Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics – are generally less essay-focused, so we’re grouping them together here because the essay skills required for each of these subjects are very similar. While the fundamentals of scientific essay writing are the same as any other subject – having a logical structure, well-developed argument, and so on – there are a few subject-specific considerations to A Car, bear in global warming natural causes mind, and some common pitfalls to watch out for. The first is that there is no room for opinion in a scientific essay; unless you’re specifically asked for it, leave your own thoughts out of it and focus instead on a completely objective discussion of the evidence gathered through scientific research, which will most probably be quantitative data. Avoid vague language such as “it is thought that…”; be as precise as possible.

Start with a hypothesis, and Essay, then discuss the research that supports or disproves it. Back up every statement you make with solid data; it’s not enough simply to drop in the name of the research, so briefly describe what the findings were and trial movie, why they prove the statement you’ve just made. Another mistake many students make is to confuse cause and effect; this arises because of the tendency to assume that correlation implies causation, which is Accident a common logical fallacy. Just because two things appear to monkey trial movie, be related, it doesn’t mean that one caused the other, and committing this error in an essay is A Car Accident Essay a major faux pas that will lose you marks. It’s also a good idea to ensure that you’ve included every piece of research that could be relevant; if you don’t, you could be leaving out a crucial piece of evidence. Of Learning Goals For Nursing! Finally, mention any limitations there may have been with the methodology used to Essay, gather the data you discuss. Psychology, though a science subject, has some overlap with the humanities – some Psychology degrees are BAs rather than BScs. Psychology essays are best approached with a scientific mindset, but it’s far more difficult to prove anything in this subject – and this should be acknowledged in your essay.

The task becomes one of assessing which theory is the more probable one, based on an analysis of the data from various studies. Make liberal reference to named and dated psychological experiments and research, but acknowledge the fact that there may be more than one theory that could account for the same set of results. When these experiments are quoted as evidence, this should be done with reference to any possible limitations of how the experiment was conducted (such as a small sample size). If you’ve reached the end of this article, you’re now equipped with the knowledge to write fantastic essays guaranteed to impress your teachers. You’re also well on the way to thinking in natural the right way for university-level essays, so keep working on Accident Essay, these skills now and you’ll find it much easier to make the leap from you love you sixth former to undergraduate. 3 Responses to “How to Write a Great Essay for Different A-Level Subjects” October 31, 2015 at 2:21 am, the A Car poet said: Thanks for such fabulous tips on natural causes, essay writing. October 31, 2015 at 2:21 am, the A Car poet said:

Thanks for such fabulous tips on and Elijah of Islam, essay writing. Blessed are you who can share! January 22, 2017 at 2:02 pm, Neeva said: Very useful tips to improve us, students writing skills, thank you.